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Thread: Shooting pains in butt 'area' and inside

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    Default Shooting pains in butt 'area' and inside

    So randomly ive been getting these shooting pains in that kind of area.
    Its almost unbearable when it happens, and i have to grimance to kinda maintain my cool if im in public.

    It seems to be around times i need to fart or go to the toilet or when ive been.

    This probably hasnt happened as much but i cant remember if this has happened with the water works.
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    See a doctor. Thats all the advice I can give you.

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    Anyone please give me an idea what it is?

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    I also has this before... It stopped when I stopped with my medication

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    I do not know how else to ask this question but do you insert `things ` up there ?
    The anus is sensitive and so is the flesh inside. I have had those kind of pains but for reasons that I am aware of. The prostate can also give similar symptoms before, during and after urinating.

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    Well, this could be an infection, hemorrhoids, all kinds of things really. I had pain in that region a few years ago that I researched and found it to be a pilonidal cyst. That, however, was visible on the surface. I don't know what you're dealing with here for sure, but I certainly hope you are able to get it all figured out. I would, as people are recommending, call a doctor and get it checked.

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    Proctalgia fugax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have this happen to me sometimes as well. Drops me to my knees in pain sometime.

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    possibly hemorrhoids or anal fissure? There are more questions/symptoms that one anyone, even the doctor would need to know. Something that might help you when you do tho --- When I had to see the urologist and proctologists at first, I was SUPER embarrassed and I left a lot out. This resulted in them running other tests than needed, prescribing the wrong stuff and taking much longer going back and forth to appts that were spread out then if I had just told them everything they needed to know up front.

    Fear and embarrassment talking to even them was still strong enough that I kept doing that for a long time. But I did find a way to make it easier. I wrote it all down - everything, then when I saw them I just handed them the paper. After reading it, one doc for instance said "OOh! Ok, I wish you had told me this before but I understand... then gave me a small lecture on how symptoms can mean so many things but a complete history helps to narrow it down instead of just lots of testing. He then immediately scheduled me for a colonoscopy and even pushed the date from 4 months later to only 2 weeks! I've since then done that for every appointment where I had to explain something but knew I would have a hard time saying it. My docs actually love it (I think because it gives them reference notes too?) It has everything by approx day/symptoms. If you have a prob, go see them. It could be nothing, it could be something major but shooting pains inside the rectum isn't normal and could be one of a few things. Just write it all down, in detail - give it to them.

    Something else I noticed while going in for anal surgery - seeing all the other people in there and thinking "Wow... this is just one day and thinking of all the old and huge and other butts I wouldn't EVER want to see, these guys see them like every day - inside an out... it doesn't matter what your issue is. They've see it and FAR WORSE regularly."

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