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Thread: another craigslist deal abena and secure personal

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    Default another craigslist deal abena and secure personal

    I bought 4 and 1/2 packs of abena x plus l4's. As well as 2 packs of secure personal diapers all for 50 bucks I'm so happy I got a stock pile for the winter :3

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    I say congrats on the buy.
    Always nice to get padding for cheap I'm guessing but even so this seems more like a Blog Entry than a thread really.

    Still congrats!
    Next time consider blogging it please ^-^;

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    Haha sowwy xD I was in traffic all day driving stick in the cali heat cause my ac doesn't work. So I'm pretty exhausted from the drive >.< next time ill blog it haha.

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    I don't understand how people keep finding diapers on craigslist. I wouldn't expect people to list diapers there frequently.

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    Congratulations that's a great deal. Wish I could find deals like that.

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    They do occasionally even though most times its not going to say adult diapers. You gotta be creative, like I found the abenas by searching incontinence haha. Thanks man, you gotta be diligent if you want a good score.

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