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Thread: Hello ADISC.

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    Default Hello ADISC.

    Hello Guys, I'm Explosion713. I am from TBN (Teenbabynet). I just decided that I would pop in and say hi. I am usually very active, especially in a Chatroom or IRC. I love to roleplay. I usually use proper grammar and spelling whenever I can.

    About me in real life, there's not much about me I'm not very interesting. I'm a 14-year-old Sissybaby from New Jersey. I don't know much else, so I guess i'll conclude my introduction.

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    Thanks. Pretty quick welcoming, But that's what I expected.

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    We already kinda know each other due to TBN.. might not be too well though.

    anyways, I hope you like it here.

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    Welcome to our community. There are quite a few New Jerseyans in here, and I'm from a few feet across the northern border

    We're a nice bunch, just settle in and join us for a cold beverage (*) and some comfy conversation.

    (*) soon to be exchanged for a warm beverage ... lol

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    Welcome aboard, Explosion713! Glad to have you with us. TBN is the only other site I'd ever consider joining because it's also a decent place for *Bs to gather and chat.


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