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Thread: extremely horrible day

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    Default extremely horrible day

    i had a really bad day and seriously need to vent before i explode i have severe anger issues and seriously bad thoughts in my head im so in raged i just wanna bash some bodys head in i honestly wanna get drunk or high but i can't those were my only coping skills alcohol or drugs... god i hate my life most of the time

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    Care to discuss some of the details of your day?

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    well i almost got into two fights at the mall today because some people wanted to call my little brother a fin fag and said he should be killed and then when i got home i got yelled at because my dog and my sisters dog got into a glorious fight to see who was the alpha female(my boxer beat her pit) and even tho no dogs were actually hurt minus pride and knocked down a few pegs i got yelled at because my sisters dog has been peeing and pooping on the floor and my sisters dad was trying to yell at me about it before i completely snapped on him then tried to fight him but he wouldnt fight and when i tried to vent to all my friends they blew me off and i cant get out of my own head or calm down ive smoked three packs of smokes working on the fourth and a few of my friends are drinking at there house and are refusing to come get me or bring me alcohol...maybe because they all know what happened last time i got drunk(i spent a month in the psych ward after trying to kill a guy talkin stuff and tried to kill myself) and my whole family wants me to just sit back and ignore him talking stupid to me and hide in my room like im supposed to be scared....

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    Now this is meant to be very sincere, and not disrespecting of you or your thoughts and feelings...have you considered anger management...or other means of keeping composure so as you're able to better negotiate life. I'm not intending to say I think you are wrong because you feel any particular way...I'm suggesting however that the intensity of your feelings (and subsequent expressions) may indicate other issues, such as physical health like extreme glucose levels, to serotonin levels, thyroid, you name it etc...and that attempting to quell this intensity with alcohol, or the wrong meds/drugs only going to make the problem go levels deeper. What's at the center of this intensity...because, to me at least...the reasons for your feelings seem pretty on par with the situations...

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    Well since you seem to know your feelings are pretty out of control at this point...not really going to touch on that. Maybe you could get a punching bag to vent a little? Or lay down and just breathe, try to relax all the muscles in your body.

    Anyway... I have one question. WTF is a fin fag?

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    not sure what you mean by whats at the center i know i have an anger issue lol cause every time somebody makes me mad over anything i start planning how to hide the body after i crush there skull in

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    fin fag was supposed to be effin fag was trying not to say the f word here even tho its my favorite word

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    Wow. That is a bad day. I don't really know what a "fin fag" is but I think you should have just ignored them. As for your boxer fighting a pit bull thats not really a big deal, they are both fighting dogs and as long as neither got hurt it's ok. As for your stepdad, he could be a c****, I don't know him he could also just be upset that there is pee and poop all over the house. Overall you just seem really really angry. I don't know why but you need a therapist, badly, trying to kill someone for talking shit isn't normal.

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    Have you tried yoga?

    Try this

    It helps with my anxiety and would probably be good with anger as well.

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    Ah, that makes a lot more sense than what my brain was coming up with (don't ask). But yeah. Consider talking to a professional. If you seriously think about killing people for minor do need to talk to someone very soon, for your health's sake and for the sake of other people. Good luck and sorry you're having these problems.

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