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Thread: The Tell-tale signs.

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    Default The Tell-tale signs.

    Ever go into a public bathroom and look into an open trash container, while throwing away your paper towel, to see if an AB/DL has changed there? For that matter, have you ever been in a friendís bathroom and although you know they donít have a baby, you see baby supplies (i.e. wipes, baby powder and baby lotion) and wonder?

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    I've personally never seen anything. Since I'm a girl, there are more baby products left behind by forgetful mothers so I don't think of AB/DLs changing themselves. However,if I saw a Bambino diaper or something that'd be pretty interesting...though I think it's something too obvious and even a lil weird (in my opinion,don't mean to offend anyone) for someone to do that in a public bathroom.

    As for the friend's bathroom, I see wipes a lot and it isn't that bizarre since I've had wipes in the house since forever. I have several friends who put baby powder in their shoes and a handful who have baby lotions because it soothes the skin better than others. Maybe it's more common for girls to have that? I don't know~ I had all those items in my bathroom before I discovered I was an AB.

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    I think wipes, baby powder and baby lotion are necessary bathroom items. When I move out I'm always going to have some around for a plethora of uses. Plus I know the chances are very slim and I am kinda a realist about these things.

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    i don't go looking around bins and stuff for diapers no. if i'm changing in public i tend to put the diaper in my bag and then dump it in a public bin, and as for diapering supplies most people i know tend to have lotion and talc in there house, maybe wipes, there all general things you could find in a house. If i did find some adult diapers i would rule it out to incontinence.

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    I agree with alu. If I find some diapers, I'd assume it's incontinence. It's like whenever I see people buying diapers at the store; I assume they are buying them for legitimate reasons, and not because they might be AB/DL.

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    I am more than sure that 9 times out of 10, anytime I’ve ever seen a diaper in the garbage pail, it was from someone who was incontinent, oh and, I don’t go around looking in trash bins for diapers, but it’s extremely hard to miss if there is one sitting right on top of the pile, in plain view. I guess what brought this conversation about, was simply the fact that where I work, I use the private bathroom all the time because sometimes I tend to get “Bladder Shy” and I kid you not, it’s not uncommon for people to just toss a diaper on top of the trash like it isn’t an issue. I know being an AB, although I know better, sometimes my imagination can get the best of me. However, I can’t help but to point out the number of pictures I’ve seen taken of AB/DLs in ether pants down or nothing but a diaper, while looking into the mirror in a public bathroom. One time, and I’m dead serious, I was on my way to a hospital in Vermont and at one of the gas stations, we went in to have a bite and use the bathroom. On the Kola Care changing station, some wrote “AB/DLs RULE”, what are the odds?

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    In my youth I used to check my friends beds for a rubber/plastic sheet hoping to find another bed-wetter. Found one and he was.

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    I don't do that anymore. I just don't care. All I found were baby diapers. Plus I am sure people who throw away their adult diapers are discreet about it and they probably don't throw them away in restrooms. But I wouldn't care if someone else saw it in there because they wouldn't know it's mine. I have found adult pull ups however when I would be emptying the trash and sanitary napkin holders. I just don't understand the embarrassment of having your used diaper in the trash can in the restroom. It's different if it's at work because then someone may see it and know someone wears them at work and try and find out and you don't want that. I have always buried mine under paper towels and have them in a plastic bag or sanitary bag.

    I have seen baby wipes at peoples homes and it's not uncommon to use them to wipe your hands or your butt when you poo. I knew someone in high school who used baby oil on her skin.

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    I can't say I have ever purposefully looked for such items. I have noticed on a few occasions, while in a public restroom, the distinct sound of a stall occupant un-taping; anymore, though, I just shrug at it. It doesn't really get my mind spinning or overwrought. With being an AB comes the understanding that many adults wear protection because they have to for medical reasons. I suppose having this understanding has certainly mellowed my fixation on padding and thus made me less inclined to discover if others are 'wearing'. Finding specifically AB-related supplies at a friend's house would be intriguing, but I am not going to search them out and it would have to be a 'beyond a reasonable doubt' situation for me to broach the subject with them.

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    I have scene Bambino diapers in a trash can in a bathroom in a resteraunt before. I looked for a person with a puffy bottom but, I couln't se anybody.

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