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Thread: Does anyone ever do chat-based RPs anymore?

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    Default Does anyone ever do chat-based RPs anymore?

    Hey, not sure if this is the right section, but I was wondering if anyone ever did any chatroom-based role plays anymore, whether via IRC or another client. They don't necessarily have to be AB/TB/DL-themed, but any regardless. [removed] Also hoping for an answer other than "just Google it."
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    I used to roleplay on a game called Furcadia (there's not just furrys on it, mind you, if you aren't interested in that. There's human RPs too) and it could be described as a graphical chat. They have different rooms called 'Dreams' where the owner can make different settings - from modern, to medieval to futuristic. Although medieval is more common.

    I don't know how well it is faring these days because I've moved on to forum RPs as they are more convenient to me.

    (Also, they do have 18+ sections but they make sure to warn you before you get in, and if you're a minor and get caught in there they'll kick you out. Some dream owners are very strict about this, to the point that they banned a guy when they found his old deviantart username that listed him as 16.)

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    Unfortunately, all the ones I know of off the top of my head are either very specific to a certain fandom and extremely hard to get into or they're private ones amongst close friends.

    Personally, I'm not into chat based role playing but my fiance is really into it. If you want I could ask her (without mentioning the site) if she knows of any.

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    I do a little role play with a friend via Yahoo chat or Skype because they live far away and there is not a safe place in the house for them to role play. I found that it is harder because you're not able to see or touch the person. I do enjoy it, but I am looking for tools to help make the role more fluid.

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    i used to...

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