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Thread: And Last But Not Least...The Blankie!

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    Smile And Last But Not Least...The Blankie!

    Been having a fun week enjoying the baby diapers and baby bottle. The other baby item I finally got to use is my brand new blankie purchased a few months back online from an Alaskan company that specializes in baby blankets. It's made of polar fleece with a winter scene of penguins and snowflakes with white satin edging. Couldn't believe how soft, warm, cozy, and comfy it feels. No wonder they use polar fleece for baby covers. Naturally, it's too small to completely cover me, so I cover myself from the waist up with it and then pull the sheet over me. Wish I still had my original baby blanket, but I really enjoy having and using this one. Does anyone get to regularly sleep with their blankie?


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    I've slept with mine every day for nearly a year since I took it out of retirement (before that I slept without until age 12). Mine is a baby sleeping bag from when I was born. It used to have rainbows and cats on it, but that is worn off. It's still incredibly soft and I bunch it into a ball and snuggle with it like a plushie
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    I hava a charlie brown blanket that I sleep with every night, I love it. It was from when i was little, I think I used it between ages 4-10 maybe. Its not really a baby blanket, but it is definitly a kids blanket and I have a special connection with it. I was so happy when I found it about a year ago.

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    LuvsGurl has made several blankies for us. Currently we have a blue/white striped square one that we use for the couch.

    She is working on a black/navy/purple hooded blankie-cloak for me. It's gonna be super cool!

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    well, when Lizzie sent me a "care package" she included her baby blanket. since then my parents confiscated it, then I stole it back and now I guess they don't really care. I sleep with it every night, sometimes I use it to cover myself and I just pull the sheets over my legs (if I'm not wearing sweat pants). I try not to taunt my paents about it so every morning when I get up I put it behind my bed. I miss my old blanky, although I like Lizzie's way more.

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    I've slept with my blankie every night since April. I only discovered it in April, a few days after I joined ADISC. It's not really comfy, but it brings back feelings from the past.

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    Aww, I don't really have a blanket. Well, I do, but it isn't really a baby one. It is meant to cover my entire single bed, and while it is fleecy and very soft and nice to cuddle with it just doesn't feel ... for the want of a better word it doesn't feel right. Since I got my plushies back I must admit I prefer cuddling them, though I would LOVE to get a baby blanket, as opposed to what I have at the moment.

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    I don't use mine that much but I do like to cuddle with it every now and then. I also have a sleeping bag that I love it was given to me on my 10th birthday by a very good friend of mine and I selp with that from 10 to just a few mounths ago, I stopped using it because it was starting to rip so I stopped so I could proserve it.

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    I cannot sleep without my blankie. I need it to sleep. I have never slept without it. I love mine, even though it is old.


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    Our temperature has been in the 80's, so just the sheet recently. But when the temp goes down, I have a comforter that I like. I think I will stick with that.

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