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Thread: Depends Maxim Protections Out

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    Default Depends Maxim Protections Out

    I'm the kind of person who likes to buy paddage at a cheap price as long as they're plastic. Only problem is, I've checked many stores, and it looks like these have been discontinued.. Anyone know of any similar ones that would be at a CVS, Walgreens, or where ever?

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    I've checked online at cvs and walgreens. They don't sell anymore at the stores in my area. All they want to sell
    is pull ups that move fast. I buy my Attends from hdis. They charge only $1.95 sevice charge and no shipping
    for reg shipping.

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    Fred Meyer in my area still sells them. I haven't checked Rite Aid since the great Walgreens purge.

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    The Maximum Protection now appears to be called Protection with tabs. Reports online suggest they are thinner, and even less absorbent now.... Shame really.

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    You could try the Walgreens brand fitted briefs, they are a lot like Depend max protection but are a lot cheaper. I 40 of them today for about $17+tax. They absorb well for being store brand.

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    That is very unfortunate. Maximum Protections are the only plastic-backed diapers I could find in my area (hurray for the Canadian diaper market). I really hope the new ones aren't monstrously thinner; I can't always afford to buy diapers online.

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    Wal-Mart still carries them around me. The maximum protection is not discontinued, its just not sold in many stores anymore. They are moving toward protective underwear which I think sucks because I done't like the feeling of them because the crotch is waay too narrow for me and the leak guard are rendered useless if you have any package at all. The Tena Men's underwear are more like thongs in the crotch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soakingboy View Post
    The Maximum Protection now appears to be called Protection with tabs. Reports online suggest they are thinner, and even less absorbent now.... Shame really.

    Yes, that is also what I've found. They are now called Protection with Tabs. I've also found them in all of the places I've looked: Walmart, K-Mart, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, and some supermarkets.

    They also seem to be the same as the Max Protection to me. They aren't any worse or any better IMO.

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    They discontinue plastic with adult and real baby diapers. Only way to get those now is to order them online.

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    depends max are extinct by me i hope i never go incontinent or at least always have the ability to order online the way american diaper companys are going i wouldn't be surprised is they start selling booster pads as max protection

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