I am very intrigued over just how vast and complex the human brain can be. Originally, I was brought up and taught the whole "man and wife, procreation, good job, nice house and car etc. There's nothing wrong with this ether, as it has always been the standard way of life. While every culture differs from one to the next, I can only speak from my own personal point of view. When I was a kid, we were taught being gay was nasty and wrong. While I believed this well up into my late teen years, one day I asked the question "why." This led to exposing myself to same sex porn and discovering that it did in fact, turn me on. Today, although bi-sexual, I am in an interracial gay marriage. There was a time when I became sexually active, where I thought fat men and women were sexually unappealing. Today I'm more attracted to a BBW or BHM, while your adverage super model does nothing for me. I grew up being taught that guys who dress up in woman's clothing are looked down upon. One day in my late teens, I found my cousin's bathing suit and fell in love with the way it looked and felt on me. While I don't really get into a lot of crossdressing, I enjoy being a Sissy Baby from time to time. Personally, I like living my life open to new possibilities as an adult now, simply because we only get one chance to live and I don't want to miss a thing.