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Thread: Straight Sissies?

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    Default Straight Sissies?

    I posted this here because I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to post this in the sissy section. I figured it was better safe than sorry.
    Before I ask what I ask, know that I am bi-sexual, married gay and I’ve been known to be a sissy baby from time to time. My question is this:
    I’m not one to really care about labels, but you have your straight, gay and everything in between. To speak of the core though, gay and straight, why is it that “straight sissies” exist? I’m not saying they shouldn’t be sissies, nor am I saying they can’t be. What I am saying is, most straight guys I know, you could never talk them into wearing woman’s clothing or baby girl’s clothing for that matter. Well, unless you were to make a bet or they do it for a laugh around other friends, but not to simply do it for pleasure.
    Personally, I’m glad the world is a lot more diverse today than it ever was; I’m just trying to figure out how does an all American(in this case), football playing, beer drinking, sailor talking, 6’4” with larger than life muscles (no one in particular, just saying), could go from all this, to having a single thought about wearing a diaper, pink onesie with ruffles on the butt, bows in the hair, makeup on the face and Mary Jane shoes? I find this extremely fascinating.
    I guess one could say, “Instead of asking why, you should be asking why not.”

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    I'm one of these straight sissies, so we certainly do exist in some corners of the world >w<

    The inner complexes of the human mind are so vast and complicated that no person will really ever fully understand them in their lifetime. There are lists and lists of people who consider themselves "Sissies", yet have certain restrictions or a certain air of uniqueness about them. For example, a Sissy may love being subby and whatnot, but will refuse to wear panties of any kind. It's not like I want to be the girl in a relationship, though I would enjoy being "taken care of" at some points, if you know what I'm saying; I'd rather be the man, the person I was born to be. What I do in my free time and what I do as a person are two completely different things, and I'm sure many others feel the same. So what I'm saying is, not all Sissies necessarily want to be girls, and every Sissy enjoys their own unique type of treatment. Therefore, it's completely possible for straight sissies to exist.

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    Not one here! But Natsu said it right. Sexual orientation, physical gender, and gender identity are three VERY separate things. One does not effect the other.

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    It's funny cause I see my sissy side or female persona as being I technically act strait even though I want to dress up as a girl and love girls. I'm not sure if that makes me a straight guy or a gay sissy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PamperedKari View Post
    It's funny cause I see my sissy side or female persona as being I technically act strait even though I want to dress up as a girl and love girls. I'm not sure if that makes me a straight guy or a gay sissy?
    You're a straight sissy guy, then. If you're not attracted to the same gender, then you're not gay, even if you're in feminine clothing.

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    I find this very fascinating to say the least simply because I now know I'm not the only one like this. Also a thank you to the OP for posting it. I am a straight guy who for the most part enjoys guy type stuff (not big into sports). I have enjoyed diapers since I was very young. In the past few years my interests and desires have grown and changed. I now enjoy being (pegged) by my wife which was my idea and my wife is awesome for trying it and taking command of it when she desires to do so. We have also begun to explore the sissy side during bedroom play only. Lately the thought of wearing a girly diaper color/design is very exciting as well as dressing up in slutty clothes while she is in command. I should note most of this is simply to explore but I do find it very naughty and my wife seems to take pleasure in it a great deal as well which makes it all the better. I'm excited to see where this may leads me/us.

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    Ehhh hehe total subordinate sissy here. It's always been my dream goal to find someone who will play along with me. However, I do love the idea of being in uber thick diapers while being sissied.

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    i dont know if you would consider me sissy. But I wish i was a girl alot of the times, i like girl toys like those baby alive things, and i wanna wear skirts so badly, but i dont because im as guyish as a guy gets, im BUILT like a guy, and to wear girls clothing would only make me feel ugly because id look like a cross dressing guy. I also like girly diapers and i surround myself with girl-friends. So idk if that makes me partially sissy or what :P Im straight though, married for 5 years and I love women indefinately lol

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    I am also inclined to believe that being called a "sissy" is not insulting or degrading ,
    it is what I enjoy doing , while relaxing in the privacy of my condo .

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    Hey so I have a question. Can girls be sissies or like whats up with that?
    Sometimes I will see females on this site who have the sissies thing checked off but I always thought a sissy was a guy who liked to be a little girl. I don't mean to offend anyone or anything I'm just a little confused about how this whole thing works.

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