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    I just joined and i wanted to learn a little bit more about diapers and waist size can someone help me?

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    I'm sorry. I hope I am not coming off as mean. I'm not trying to be... but.... that would probably be a better question for the diaper talk forum. This is the place to tell us about who you are. There is a cheatsheet at the top of this forum to kinda explain what it is that would go into a good intro.. but basically... what makes you... you? Do you have any interests other than diapers and babysitting tb's? Where are you from (not specifically)? How did you learn you liked diapers and baby stuff? What brought you to adisc? Stuff like that.

    Anyway... welcome again. And I hope you enjoy it here.

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    Ok thank you for your help~ ^~^

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    To answer the questions
    I live in the USA.A friend told me about it and i liked it and he asked me if i would join him i'm always up for something new and said ok it seemed interesting so i wanted to try.Along my friend he told me about it and it will be my first time ever wearing a diaper and i still don't have one yet.He is really nice so it's fine~

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    Cool. I think it would be awesome to have a real life friend to share this with. The only word of advice I would give is don't do anything just because you are friends. If you don't genuinely like it, let him/her knwo. Doing something your not comfortable with just to please a friend is an easy way to lead to resentment. Be honest about it with them and just have fun, and I am sure it will work out great. As far as finding the right size... check out a few of the threads in diaper talk or just ask about your measurements in there and I am sure you'll find an answer.

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    ok thanks for the great advice your really nice thank you~

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