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    Does anyone know a good resource for learning how to use makeup? I've been wanting to try but I still find the makeup aisle intimidating. There's too many products for me to know what's what across the whole spectrum of colors. Basically, my first issue is that I don't know what to buy. I always hear about trying to match colors to skin tone, hair color, eye color etc. but I have absolutely no experience on how to do this properly. The second issue is learning how to apply makeup. A friend suggested that I just get one of a few different items, disregarding color for now, and practice applying on my own.

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    I'm in the same boat, My Mom, sister and Aunt use Mary Kay and i'm sure that's the brand i'll use as well, i'm just hoping maybe one of them will help me in the "use" department but im sure that will be down the road and depending on their reaction maybe never.

    So yes any information will be of great use to me as well.

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    I have worn some makeup because of theater or someone just wanting to (Also; having applied my own makeup for theater).

    BUT, the stuff we use in theater is cheap, and is based on just making features more visible, and when others put makeup on me, well, THEY put makeup on me.

    But generally:

    The "basics" are: Mascara, foundation, eyeliner, rouge, and lipgloss/lipstick

    Applie mascara BEFORE foundation, as the mascara may make some stripes on your skin.

    Use a foundation that matches your skin colour.

    Eyeliner around the eyes is completally up to personal preference, but main stuff is; Line over the eye, line both under and over the eye, or line with a extended end over the eye. Eyeliner on eyebrows should go from fat to thin, starting closest to your nose (You should/can pluck your eyebrows). You should close the eye your putting eyeliner on when you're applying on top (In front of a mirror, obviously), and look towards the ceiling while applying under.

    Making a "kissing mouth" and put on lipstick/lipgloss, then roll your lips together to get smoothly (THIS requires practice!)

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    I have a page that I adapted/altered originally written by some one who did professional transformations. From personnel experience you can spend a lot of money on things that do not work, and if you want to PM me with an email address or if there is a way I can post it or I can if all else fails make one very long post.

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    Watch them on youtube. They aren't hard to find usually at least 1 on the most viewed page. And as a bonus the girls that make the videos could probobly be models.

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    I don't know if my input will help here, but...
    I do my makeup in the order of: cover-up, base, eyeshadow, eyeliner, curl lashes, mascara, lipstick/lipgloss/stuff.
    The reason why is that I'm pretty good at putting on my mascara, and it only leaves the occasional streak on the eyelid with me...which, since most mascaras aren't really waterproof, should be very easy to take off with a wet finger, q-tip, etc. It usually doesn't disturb my eyeshadow much to remove mascara streaks either. Just practice and you'll be a pro in no time. With mascara as a last step you don't have to worry about your other makeups and powders dulling the black color or glitter of your mascara.

    Some tips:
    - A little goes a long way. Don't overdo it or your face will look too plastic and possibly dirty. This especially goes for foundation, coverup, what have you.
    - Use the right tools. Clean your equipment often. Fluffy brushes work the best for layering eyeshadow, but if you want to lay it on thicker, (wet) sponge applicators will do that for you.
    - When applying mascara, brush it from root to tip using a side-to side motion. It'll reduce the chance of clumps that way.
    - To cover up a red spot or blemish, put on some yellowish stick concealer, pat around the spot, then brush over with your powder base or a thin layer of your liquid foundation.
    - As a general rule (it can be broken but looks cakey) don't use liquid foundation and powder foundation at the same time. However a sheer finishing powder always helps set the makeup before you put on your mascara.
    - When using lip liner, cover the entire lip with a thin layer of it, blending it in a bit - do not just draw around the edge. This is the correct way and will look better with your lipstick. Also... use a similar lip liner color to your lipstick. Not too much darker or it can look gross.
    - If you have trouble lining your eyes, try doing it bit by bit - like this almost > ----- Then you can go over it again and consolidate the line.

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