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Thread: Petition to ban diaper discipline

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    Default Petition to ban diaper discipline

    This was started by Stanley Thorton and someone passed this onto me at but had to have her email me because the website was censoring out the link. They censor out links outside of fanfiction and their other site.

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    Doesn't this sort of thing already come under the umbrella of existing laws on emotional abuse? It certainly would in the UK.

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    I read there is no law about forcing your child to wear a diaper for no medical reason.

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    Making them wear it concealed in the home isn't a crime (afaik), but if you use it to cause emotional distress, i.e. making it clear that they're wearing, embarrassment, anything to intentionally upset the child, then it is illegal.

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    You mean... people actually do this?! It just sounds like the worst kind of abusive fap-fantasy that you'd find on the more sordid AB/DL sites...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    You mean... people actually do this?! It just sounds like the worst kind of abusive fap-fantasy that you'd find on the more sordid AB/DL sites...
    Yep. Diaper Discipline: What it is, and why it's dangerous to use was the first page to be shown by Google when searching for it - Although it is a common theme among some fap stories.

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    I will have to guess this has something to do with what happened to the 12 year old teen
    over in Minnesota for getting bad grades or something like that.

    Either way Diaper Discipline is a bad form of punishment especially if it affects one mentally. Diapers on a child shouldnt be a punishment for no reason and if a parent argues that its because they bedwetting shouldnt they rather talk it out and explain why they would need protection instead of treating the need as something bad. This punishment is just harsh on the self-esteem of a child and a major Social Killer.

    That being said, if there was a loophole to allow this kind of punishment I would be in support of banning such punishments on children. No one should deserve mental and social downfall from a punishment.

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    Diaper discipline is a fringe problem at worse. At the end of the day, its probably already banned in most jurisdiction under existing child abuse laws.

    This petition seems to be a solution in search of a problem.

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    I feel sure that this would be covered by more usual national anti-child-abuse laws / human rights legislation. Has the legality ever been tested?

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    I think there is a difference between forcing a child to wear because they need to and forcing a child to wear as a punishment. But however if your child needed them and you choose to humiliate them with it, then it becomes a problem and should also be child abuse. That would fall under diaper punishment IMO.

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