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Thread: Have you worn a booster pad with disposable underwear

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    Default Have you worn a booster pad with disposable underwear

    I know disposable underwear doesn't give you the same protection as a diaper. so i was wondering have any of you put a good quality adult booster pad or diaper liner what ever you prefer to call them inside of a good quality adult disposable underwear ? When you used them did you feel like you had the same quality protection as a diaper ?
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    Booster pad with a plastic pants will be a good idea, since underwear can't really hold your pee. Useless you don't intend to wet it or use it.

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    I haven't, but it's an interesting thought. Although I do want to use it with one of my cushies, so maybe some other time I can try it with like a goodnite or something.

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    I have yet to do this, although I have used boosters in my padding. From my experience, the boosters or 'doublers' that I have, tend to swell over five times the normal thickness. If this is the case, then it would be kinda hard to keep that in the same spot over a long period of time without multiple instances where you have to adjust it. A pair of plastic pants that does not have all of that bulky room for cloth diapers might work.

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    I've sometimes used boosters in a diaper if the diaper absorbency wasn't sufficient. However I find they tend to move around and if they slip sideways over the leak guard, you'll get leaks. You're better off cutting a slit in the back of the diaper, shoving the booster pad inside and taping up the slit.

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    Yes I have, and yes, this will increase the overall absorbency. The biggest problem though, is the lack of a good seal around the legs. No matter how much overall liquid the pads will hold, if there is not a good water-tight seal in the crotch area around your legs, you will end up with leaks, especially when sitting. IMHO, adding pads into a "disposable panty" defeats the purpose anyway. They are meant to be VERY discreet and slim, and designed for MINOR leakage of urine. So basically, you are trying to turn a pull-up into a diaper. End result will be a pullup that is as thick and non-discreet as a diaper and probably costs more, and doesn't perform as well. Might as well just go with a diaper. IMHO, of course.

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    I've used a maxi pad in a pull up

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