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    So as you all know there was a time when I though that i was gay and i want'nt a sex. Well I found out that I was wrong very wrong. Its a long story but i have a lot of time.

    It all started out with a friend of mine name sierra. We started hangin out a lot and I got to were i felt comfetable with telling her more personal things about myself. So I told her everything; sex change and gay.

    So she stay at my house for a weekend and we were messing around with eachother when well we "made love". After that happen it got me thinking. Why would I have wantted something like that when I had never attemped to be with a girl. After that I am now able to say i realy know who I am.
    And now me and sierra are together...

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    Well if you still are curious about gay sex you may be bi, if you get the oppertunity to try gay sex, try it.

    If you like both your bi and if you perfer gay sex your gay, there is no way of knowing untill you actully try it.

    You will not be the first person in history to change your mind about his or her sex preference.

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    seams either gay or bisexual to me and I am leaning more towards the latter until you decide to swear off boys or girls.

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    i also forgot to tell you all ive had gay sex...and I prefer sex with a female now that i a have tried it

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    I've heard the term "pan-sexual" I'm assuming that's a catch-all for all the various combinations that exist.

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    Wouldnt it be nice there wasn't definitions on it? I mean seriously. If you're straight, how straight are you? Do you find guys repulsive, mildly cute but not in a sexual way? You may want to try it, but straight sex is still so much better? Whatever it may be, no ones sexual preference is the same, we're all unique. I hate confining myself to a definition (whether it be my political stance, religious views, sexual orientation, or whatever...). Baby_Ashley, you are you. If you love being with Sierra then she is your sexual preference

    This why I'm both bi and gay in my adisc profile :P

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    Be what you want, don't bother trying to figure it out, just do what you want

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    Well, you are who you are - no sense denying or changing it. THat said, other events can still change your interests or personality, so there's no need to superglue any labels on you.

    That said, I'm glad you've found out more about you and are actually happy with who you are. That's a lot more important than any kind of label Enjoy the time with your girlfriend now


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    I'm going to go along with what the others have said here.

    Society has everyone so hooked on labels... we all feel that we must strive to define ourselves using this set of terms that people have put out there. Gay, straight, bi, trans, asexual, AB/DL, sissy/LG, I could go on and on. Just be yourself... please. Do what feels right and good to you... and let the descriptions fall where they may.

    I'm glad that you are happy... enjoy your girl for a while.

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