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Thread: I Love Pacifiers!!!

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    Thumbs up I Love Pacifiers!!!

    I love Pacifiers!
    Who liked ok!

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    Welcome to the site! Maybe you could retry your intro and actually introduce yourself a bit more? What brings you here? What are your hobbies or interests, give us you in a nutshell. It's a lot easier for other members like myself to talk about stuff if we know something about you anyway welcome to ADISC, have fun here!

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    ME TOO. Omg I am obsessed. I feel like I need to start officially collecting them or something. Seriously, I love pacis so much. I might even like them better than diapers.

    Also, what Foxracer said.

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    lol, i would say I love pacis a lot too but not more than my diapers. I would like to have more than just one though haha

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