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Thread: Help with abena sizes

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    Default Help with abena sizes

    Hi guys, I am kinda fat thought... I am wearing Kendall Lille grey maxi large... But somehow, it's too big as the front covers my belly button, nearly half my stomach...

    Thought of changing to abena tomorrow as my supplies has finished... I just measured that I am able to use M but not sure will it be small for me, contemplating between M or L

    Current waist size is around 36"
    And I have a big butt
    Advice guys...

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    A medium sized Abena should fit a 36" waist. Mine is 30", and the tabs are nearly touching. Good luck!

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    Well... 36" is about 91cm, so judging from Abena's Abri-Form size guide (link below), a medium would be the best fit as it's suitable for a waist size of between 70 and 110cm.

    Abri-Form Premium

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    Medium should fit you best. Lille Large/Mediums are about the same size as Abena Large/Mediums.

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