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Thread: The Term AB

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    Default The Term AB

    What do you all (Specifically the 18+ members) think of the term "Adult Baby" opposed to Teen Baby?

    I've heard two different sides, and identify with both.

    1) AB is a title held by the creeps. So by calling yourself an Adult Baby you end up feeling like one of the big, fat, old creepy guys.

    and to counteract that...

    2) Someone said to me that they don't like the term TB because then they feel like they are talking to a child. When they talk, they want to talk to an Adult, hence the Adult Baby, and by calling yourself a Teen baby, you are saying to yourself you're still a child, and not mature or an adult, yet.

    Now I'm 18, so I can be considered both, as to which I prefer, I'd say AB just because It's more widely known and I've used it for awhile now, anyhow.

    So what do you prefer?

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm over 18, so I guess I can answer. I don't think "AB" is a particularly creepy term. It's much better for a 45-year-old to identify as "AB" than "TB", that's for sure. Creepiness isn't in labels but rather in the actions, words, and demeanor.

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    I don't have a very active AB side, so maybe I'm not the best to comment. However, I've generally seen the TB/AB distinction as a meaningless one, except as a shorthand to let an adult know to watch what he says around someone who is more likely a minor. I'm not much interested in that kind of talk, so even that part has little bearing to me. The reason I find the distinction essentially meaningless is that whether one is a legal adult or a teen, neither is a baby, and that's the critical difference. The whole purpose of the label is to indicate someone who wouldn't ordinarily be interested in baby stuff who is. Actual age is irrelevant as long as the person doesn't fit in that "baby" category anymore.

    I do sympathize with the sort of creepy vibe that can come with AB. I think the best anyone can do is try not to be one of the creeps.

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    I liked the term TB more and I still used the term up to my 20th birthday last year.

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    The terms AB, AK(Adult Kid), or AT(Adult Toddler) pretty much fit me depending on what activities I'm engaging in. The only place I use any of them to describe my regressive side is here on ADISC, and hopefully by now everyone realizes I'm not a big, fat, old(on the inside anyway), creepy person no matter which term I use. So it don't mind being considered an AB because I know I'm not anything like the stereotypical creepy ones you see on other sites. They should actually call themselves ABCs (Adult Baby Creeps) and stop giving decent ABs a bad name.


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    For some reason the AB term always seemed to conjure up the negative image of the creepy old guy you might see on jerry springer and TB seemed to be the more cleaner of the two. Of course my views on the subject were more or less shaped when I was a teen. Now that I'm in my 20's and would have to refer to myself as an AB, though i'm really more DL, I have come to have a better outlook on the AB term given the fact that if I was more in touch with my *B side, I would be an AB, and not at all creepy and such. If that makes any sense at all.

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    I started describing myself as an AB as soon as I turned 18. I wanted to be seen as an adult. I can see how some people might think it has more of a creepy connotation, but I think anyone 18+, and especially anyone over 19, should use the AB term because in many countries, 18 is the age of consent and the age that one legally becomes an adult. Therefore, if I were 19 and talking to a 15-year-old I would not want to describe myself as a TB, at least without specifically clarifying that I was 19, because I wouldn't want to find myself in a position where someone said I mislead the kid.

    I think it is up to us to take back the term AB and help it lose its creepy reputation. ABs only have a reputation as being creeps because of a few sickos who solicited teens. I think using the term TB after you've turned 18 is misleading, and we should be proud to be adult babies. What will really get us a bad rep is if you're going into chat rooms telling teens you're a TB when you're really 25.

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    I'm very mildly AB, even less (if any, I'm still undecided) furry, so I usually refer to myself as a DL, which, for me, rolls off the tongue quite nicely. Sometimes I'll use the generic term *B/DL, but that is such a clunky thing to say :/

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    There seems to be a split between diaper fetishists and the AB/DL community in general. Even DLs like myself know when not to be creepy about it. But at the same time, furries also have a horrible reputation because of a good number of pervs that regularly solicit you for yiff. The problem is that anything with a possibly sexual connotation to it will be subject to a sexual reputation.

    The term AB will always be a negative label for this reason. I'd suggest you describe your interest as it is, instead of saying "I'm an adult baby" or "I'm a TB" etc.

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    I'd rather keep the term TB for me at least until I'm no longer a "teen" (20+)

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