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Thread: going to bed wearing diapers

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    Question going to bed wearing diapers

    In have now tried a couple of times to wear a diaper to bed but for some reason i find it difficult to have a good nights kip when i do, is it just me or does other people experience this or is it just coincidence?

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    It's ok I too had problems at the start and have been doing it for years now. Although I will say that I have the odd occasion where I can't sleep properly and I don't know why it is but when I do sleep through it's great and I trust you will find the same. Stick with it if you can and best of luck

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    Every time I wear to bed I wake up about an hour or so too early for my alarm wich then give me 30mins before my final get out of bed alarm! You just notice it more! If you were to wear every night I doubt it would take two weeks to normalise but once every now and then isn't enough for it to feel normal, I had the same thing with my dummy, I'd wake up early because it distracted me as I slowly came round if you can't use every night I recommend buying a hand towel and lining your underwear with it, works a treat to help you acclimatise to sleeping in a nappy and you don't get through loads of precious nappy's!!

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    Hope you have a nice sleep now in your diaper. It take some time to get use to sleep in a diaper.

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    Ive had problems bed wetting all my life. hen I was about 5 or 6 my mom punnished with wering diapers. Now im 19 and still ware diapers day 24/7. I am actully looking for a mommy to take care of my diapered butt

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    Me too... I have difficulties sleeping while diapered... Trying this for my 2nd night... Hope I will get used to it soon... Diapered for the 1st time almost 24 hours... Love it but worried that people will find put... Hehe!

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    I think if you keep a set routine every night you shouldn't have to much of a problem. I also think younger people
    will have more of a problem because of the hours they keep. I don't have any problem with it because I try to
    keep a nightly routine. Whenever I wake up during the night I'm already wet. When I get up in the morning I
    will finish filling it up before ichange.

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    Some nights I also don't feel as comfortable wearing diapers to bed. Summertime seems to be a little more difficult period since it is so hot. Keep trying to make your night diapers as comfortable as possible. It may take some trial and error, but eventually you will find the right ones that will work, and will allow you to sleep the night through. Let us know of your progress.

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    The first time it felt weird. But just forget the diaper and enjoy!

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    I had no issue with it since bedwetting is why I am a DL.

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