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Thread: songs that make you cry?

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    Default songs that make you cry?

    i was wondering if any body else had songs that made them cry the ones that make me cry are simple plan-perfect welcome to my life and im just a kid. nickelback-photograph. and rehabs red water cause i had a friend commit suicide when i was younger

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    Never had a SONG that made me cry... Some books but never a song.

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    Yeah there's a few songs that make me cry, there's two Portuguese songs one is called lágrima and the other is called chuva. The other ones are anastacia-heavy on my heart, evanescence - my immortal, simple plan-perfect.

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    does that mean you are crying or sad? do you need a hug?

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    simple plan-Untitled its another that makes me cry

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    a little of both i dissapointed my whole family so ive been sittin here sad mad and crying

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    Yes. Seelenverwandt. By DLG and lu-key. It's so beautiful.

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