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    What baby care items do you use on a daily basis apart from your diaper or baby play?

    1. I use wipes exclusively because of AB/DL. After using them to get totally clean, I find it extremely hard to go back to dry oíl toilet paper.
    2. I use baby lotion on my entire body. Although Iíve done that longer than being an AB, I switched from adult lotions to baby lotions shortly after. Of course dark skin tends to show up when itís dry, especially on very cold days.
    3. I use baby powder because I was once told that it keeps you cool in the summer time. Well, I donít know about cool, but I do sweat and it keeps me smelling fresh lol.
    4. I was going to say Q-Tips, but it just seemed like a cop-out, I mean, who doesnít?

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    I use baby wipes nearly all the time (I even always carry a travel pack in my backpack to clean myself when going potty outside of the house too) it works much better than any kind of toilet paper, and I feel better with that, also help cleans a lot of other things, like coffee on your shirt or pants, its magic

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    I have been thinking about taking some wipes to work with me, but its rare that I actually go #2 when I'm there. Unless I'm feeling ill, I'm pretty regular in the morning.

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    I've got packages of those Pull-up wipes for kids that are potty training. I got some when I had some of my family's kids at my house, that needed them. I continued to buy them, because they are so much better than toliet paper.

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    I know right? I could never understand why in the world would anyone who ever tried a wipe to clean up, could ever go back to toliet paper. I'd feel so nasty if I tried it today, heck, even when I can't get my hands on wipes, I'll clean up with toliet paper, then finish off with some damp paper towels. That's just me though.

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