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Thread: genital health and diaper wearing

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    Default genital health and diaper wearing

    hello folks,

    The reason I start this thread is due to a concern I have with my wearing. I've noticed that contact with a wet diaper for more than an hour can irritate the glanz of my penis, making things very uncomfortable for me. I am circumcised, (which I hate!!!) and I get less intense symptoms from wearing my regular, always dry underwear (briefs). Also, I am naturally curved downward 70 degrees, so I pee right about where the females do, I guess.

    My biggest concern is further degrading the sensitivity of my glanz by continued keratinization of the skin and undue pressure of beingpressured under first my balls and then my bodyweight while sitting. I can't seem to find a comfortable position regardless of my standing or sitting position regardless of what I am wearing if I am even the slightest bit hard, or even totally flaccid in terms of the glanz, and erections are totally uncomfortable in any underwear at all.

    Apart from not we aring at all, what advice can any of you give me to ease the comfort issues I've been having with both my regular and recreational underwear. I've just started restoring my foreskin with manual tugging to help prevent fears of increasing sensory loss from becomming reality. I also plan to visit a urologist soon for professional counsel, but I would appreciate input from anyone here as well.

    Thankyou all in advance for your comments and advice.

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    I'm no doctor (wait, I am, just not a medical one), but I can only think of three things to do:
    (1) Add some sort of lotion or special ointment for your skin to heal quicker or be less irritated when getting in contact with other materials, especially water/pee.
    (2) Buy different underwear so that your penis doesn't get caught in your crotch. I have if it's possible to point up or sideways the way you've described it, but at least that would apply pressure to a different region or at least prevent it from getting stuck in that tight space between balls and clothes when you hvae the slightest hint of a naughty thought.
    (3) Add an artificial "hood": I was thinking along the lines of a cut-off condom with the tip cut off too so you can pee while the rubber is protecting your skin. Or one of those fetish-type penis cages with a hole in the front. From what I've read, these things also exist for external catheters, or maybe there's even a professional item acting as an artificial foreskin. Maybe you can google or ask a (real) doctor.


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    I've found that when changing regularly, using lotion and powder, my genital area is actually better off. I actually don't sweat as much as others do on most of my body, but for some reason, I sweat quite profusely down there; regular underwear seems to catch that sweat and makes it itch, while diapers are worn for a fraction of the time and are designed to catch liquid.

    I might be the odd one out, but that's my general experience with the matter.

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    My experiences have mirrored Zac's. However for people who wear more often there might be problems.

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    What helps me is either using baby powder when putting on a diaper and after you change putting lotion on and then powder

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