Has anyone ever been caught “red handed” in their adult baby attire? I’ve had this happen to me on two separate occasions. The first time was during an AB get together where my sissy friend and his mommy were the hosts. It was actually a birthday party for my sissy friend and my best friend, all done in one day since their birthdays were not so far off. To get to the point, the next morning after everyone left, I decided to hang out with my sissy friend “Laura” since everyone else had to work. To quickly explain, Laura was “outed “to his family as a sissy baby and I didn’t know this information. His mommy’s sister came that morning with her “African American” husband to pick something up; information I ALSO didn’t know, but he did lol. The dog started barking and I’m like “who in the world is that” as I watch this car turn in with the sister and boyfriend, coming in our direction. Laura was in the bathroom preparing himself for the day, because we were actually going out with him dressed up and me with my diapers almost thick enough to show under my overalls. At that moment though, I had on my baby blue jumpinjammerz sleeper, a pacifier clipped to it, a very wet diaper and I had just poured myself a full bottle of milk. I’m calling Laura who is ignoring me, while I’m pacing in a panic, trying to figure out where to hide. Before I could think, they were already coming through the door and there was this awkward pause. The brother looked at me like I had two heads and I could have died right there lol. I was so much in shock; I found the chair behind me and just sat there. The sister got what she came for and as quick as they came in, they were back out the door. Laura came out the bathroom smiling at me knowingly, while I was also on the verge of real tears.
I’m sorry if these are a bit on the long side, but since I hardly post, I hope its ok. The second one was on the morning of 9/11 (of all days). I had just taken a shower, put on two diapers (I was wasting them because they weren’t coming back home with me lol), booties, printed onesie and of course, my pacifier clipped to it as always. We heard about the first plane on the radio, so we turned on the TV and needless to say, we sat in shock. At one point, my friend “Jeffybaby” heard his neighbor coming down the stairs, outside the door and going to his car. He rushes out the door and calls out to him, to see if he knew what was going on. He motioned for him to come in and check out the TV and I’m like “NO!! HE WOULDN”T!” Sure enough, they both came in and he got a real good look at me, but only said “Oh, hey man, what’s up?” and I’m like “nothing much, good to meet you.” While looking at the TV, I’m sinking as far as I can with my legs and arms folding in the chair I sat in. He left promptly and I chewed Jeffy a new one once he closed the door. lol Both times, I don’t remember my heart ever beating so fast in my life and while I can sit back and laugh at it all now; I sure as heck didn’t find them funny back then. Anyone else have any similar experiences?