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    Something I realized about liking diapers is that you have to accept yourself for who you are even if other's don't. That has seriously helped me get through some tough times where even at one point in my life I felt like committing suicide because my family did not understand me, I could not explain it to my church members for personal reasons and I felt like a leper, an outcast.

    Don't let anyone tell you that you should try to get rid of diapers in your life because if it truly is a fetish it is not going to go away. Heck, I've prayed for days and days and nothing came of it, and I finally realized the best way to live with myself is to accept myself for who I am.

    I know ADISC has an article on this but I also kind of wanted to share my story so that other younger people/adults would understand and not spend years of their life hating themselves. Now, I have come to terms with myself and I don't care what others in my family think of me liking diapers. It's not their business. It's mine and mine alone, and it is a personal thing and if they don't accept it it is there problem and as long as I am not bothering them with it I see no issue.

    That is my

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    Absolutely true, it wasn't until I accepted myself that I became happy with myself and all the questionable things stopped coming up in my mind.

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    I don't let anyone make me feel ashamed of it. They can say we are all sick and twisted and need help or that we are disgusting people or unstable. They are just ignorant and don't understand it. So what if they find wetting and messing in diapers gross, that doesn't mean we are sick people or need help. That doesn't make us bad people like they made us out to be. I find lot of sex gross and sick but I don't think any less of them when they do it. Same as if they wish to do watersports or scat play or eat their own shit or drink their piss. I am not going to think all these people need professional help nor think they are unstable people.

    I just realize now it's all opinions when people claim wearing diapers is sick. I don't need to feel ashamed of it and there is nothing wrong with wearing them and using them. I know mine will never go away and even if it does, don't even fool myself thinking it's gone for good because it will come back. People don't have to like it. I expect to be accepted for it and not be judged for it. I don't like computer games but I approve my husband of playing them. I see the same with diapers, people should approve it but they don't have to like them. Disliking someone because they like to wear a diaper is like me disliking someone because they like to play a computer game. I also think it's stupid to break up with someone over a diaper because that be like me leaving my husband over his computer game. Sure if it was causing us problems because he was always calling in sick so he can stay home and play it, staying up all night to play it and then having to call in sick so he can stay home and sleep and it's effecting our income and making it so hard for us to live and giving me a lot of stress due to lack of income, then yeah that is reasonable to leave him for that. If diapers are causing problems because they would rather stay home and wear one because they don't want to wear out in public and around people due to fear of getting caught, they are calling in sick so they stay home to wear and it's effecting their income and making it harder for them to live, then it's reasonable to leave them over that.

    But I think anyone who dislikes you for wearing diapers are narrow minded people and who needs them? Same as if they leave you for wearing them. It's just a diaper, they don't have to get involved in it just like I don't have to get involved in my husband's computer games.

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    Exactly. I felt so much happier when I accepted my AB/DL side. Coming to terms with myself also stopped those awful binge/purge cycles, which were costly at times.

    Seriously, if someone were ever to confront me about wearing diapers and asked me to stop, I'd say thanks but no thanks. It is an activity that brings me joy and it doesn't hurt anyone. There is honestly nothing wrong that.

    Wear proudly my friends!

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    I would not say that everyone thinks that having a diaper fetish is sick. Some people do seem to understand that it is just a little chink in the brain. For me though I realized that I would end up killing myself if I did not accept myself for who I was. So I decided to accept myself and I am a much more happier person. To me, it does not matter what other people say even though sometimes it is tough to live with a diaper fetish.

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    Im on the fence with this. I kinda want it to stop, mainly because of the risks, but its just hard to stop.

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