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    Default i told my brother

    ok this is not one of those "OMG i told so and so and they wanna baby me".. ok i told my brother last night about me still wetting the bed and about me wearing diapers for it and also about me wanting to be treated like a little boy by everybody and to my surprise he was ok with it the only thing i didnt tell him was about my occasional daytime accidents. i ended up telling him out of fear because im supposed to spend a week at his house next month but i was scared to go because of the bed wetting after i told him is exact words were "it doesnt change my opinion of you" he did ask me if ive talked to anybody about it i told him no but i did mention the adisc community he said if i wanted when he came down me and him could go walking and talk about it. long story short i am so relieved i was scared for no reason *note* my brother is not actualy my blood brother were not even related but we pretty much grew up together and we consider our selves brothers

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    i forgot to put in this was not a face to face talk i told him in text messages

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    Glad it went well. Its always a good feeling when the person you tell is accepting of it, or at least just doesn't care, lol.
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    Good for you.. It's nice have open-mind people around you.

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    IM FREAKING OUT i think my brothers fiance seen the texts i sent him and shes not so open minded i know something is going on he told me now is not the time and nobody is answering any phones or texts im seriously freakin out i cant stop crying or shaking

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    Being incontinent is not your fault. I think you may be over reacting, but in either event, remember that your brother does accept you, and that is an important thing. Hang in there. Time has a way of making things better.

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    no nothing yet but i am in trouble my whole family is mad at me cause after i posted that last night i got really drunk and im not supposed to be drinking its a long story

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