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    Default baby diapers

    which is stretchier baby dry or cruisers ?

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    I just bought a recent package of baby dry and cruisers.

    Cruisers- Thicker, heavier padding, and more sturdy.

    Baby Dry- Thinner, stretchier, more fragile.

    The baby dry stretch more than the cruisers, and fit for a long time before the tabs break. The cruisers are softer ect, but dont stretch as much as the baby dry. To solve this problem, i put staples on the tabs inside out (so the prongs are outside of the diaper) and both of them last as long as you want to wear them.

    In conclusion however, wetting aside, the baby dry is a more comfortable and better fitting diaper for a person who is on the borderline of size 6-7 diapers barely fitting.

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    I have tried Baby Dry and they are really stretchy and I really like them, however I want to try Cruisers also.

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    I've only tried Baby Dry. I liked them a lot. They were quite stretchy and fit over my 27-in. waist. I don't know about the Cruisers, but Rtt's post seems helpful. Go with Baby Dry, I say.

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    baby dry

    They stretch loads, but one problem. The tap thingys are the front break very easily. I normally put staples on the tabs and the main part to stop ir ripping, sounds bad but it isn't. Do it the other way round, and the flat bit touches your skin rather than the sharp bits.

    Have fun

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    damn, I wish I could still squeeze into some of them. I just use them for stuffers nowadays.

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    My opinion...

    Cruisers- Used to be a gold standard, but now they're rather bad.
    Stretch: 2/5: You can't really stretch them without the tabs breaking off.
    Size: Very small cut, even on the sixes. Sevens are only slightly bigger.
    Absorbency: Pathetic. They might be slightly thicker than Baby Dry, but they don't suck up nearly as much, and tend to leak often.

    Baby Dry-
    Stretch: Incredible. Tabs rarely pop; I can actually sleep in these.
    Size: Much bigger than Cruisers 6; stretch them out before wearing, and you'll see how big they can get.
    Absorbency: Very good, I've rarely had leaks. They DO leak more when you're lying down.

    Stretch: About as good as Baby Dry.
    Size: These things are tiny, but not as small as Huggies.
    Absorbency: Absolutely no flooding capacity. Can only hold one or two small wettings.

    Huggies Supremes-
    Stretch: Terrible. You can't really stretch the tabs satisfactorily, and you'll probably end up having to mod.
    Size: Smaller than Luvs.
    Absorbency: Pretty good, although these are probably better as stuffers.

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    so based on the stretchiness of baby dry, do you think they would fit a 31/32" waist? or am i sol? lol.

    edit: wait, i can't measure apparently, lol. 28" waist. so i guess it will work, seeing as Maverick is 27" and it worked.

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