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Thread: Another underjams/goodnights size question

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    Default Another underjams/goodnights size question

    Hey, I'm 5'11" and 185 lbs. Will XL goodnights or underjams fit me?

    Waist is 34", circumference around biggest part of my butt is about 40"

    I've been wearing Abena pull-ups and they work well but they're so just wondering if GN or UJ would work.

    Heard that UJ are pretty stretchy so they can actually fit sizes bigger than goodnights. Is that true?

    Thanks for any help.

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    No I have always heard that goodnights are much bigger than UJ.

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    Actually, underjams are stretchier but the sides will disintegrate if stretched too much.

    You should be able to fit into L/XL goodnites, but they'll be a bit tight.

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    I think the Goodnites are the better choice, but they're going to be very tight. I have a 32" waist, and they're tight on me. I might add that as a male, I have a smaller pelvis and thus smaller around, I would assume. I'm thinking you might want to stick with something for adults.

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