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    Hello, bonjour, and guten tag.

    I'm from TBN (teenbabynet), and came here to check things out. I might stick around, might not. Most likely I'll just lurk until I get to know some people. It's always hard being new, sigh.

    But alas, more practical things about me: I'm 18, so I guess that makes me an AB now. I have been since I was 6. I like to wear baby diapers, even though you don't seem very keen on that, but oh well. If anything, they're cheaper.

    Currently I am an exchange student in switzerland, learning German and French. I like to program computers, play card games, and do math. I program in VB.NET, if anyone's curious.

    I'll try to fit in, but I'm a naturally random person, and I grew up at TBN, so be kind, please?

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    Welcome to the site

    I also see you managed to locate the IRC channel, so welcome to that as well. Just try not to get lost in the immense number of posts and you'll get a feel for the place. I hope you'll enjoy it, make some posts and get comfortable.

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    Welcome Zearen wover hope you enjoy your stay here^_^

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    Hiyas and welcome to the forums. We don't bite and we all know how it is to be a newbie on a forums. We'll make you feel right at home ^^. Well I believe you're still a TB until 20. At least that's what I was told. I too have been in diapers since I was 6 (it seems a lot of people do at 5 or 6) as well. Welcome again, and I hope you enjoy your stay *takes bags to your room*

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    W00t Zearen is here...

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