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Thread: The Catperson Free Art Thread

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    Default The Catperson Free Art Thread

    Hey everyone. I've wanted to be a furry artist for quite a while now, and ever since I got a brand new tablet for my birthday a few weeks ago I've been trying to work my way into the world of art. I've only completed two pieces so far, but my drawing skills seem to get exponentially better as I learn the basic techniques that I'm honestly embarrassed to say I didn't already know (higher resolution = less pixelated? Holy crap).

    So, I'm offering up free commissions to whoever wants them. I will draw literally anything you want, though as this is the BF/DF forum of ADISC I'm going to assume that most of you will want fursona commissions, which I'm more than happy to do. Fair warning though-- so far I have found myself to be terrible at drawing diapers. I just don't get it. I look at other people's drawings and all I can think is "how the hell did they do that?".

    I'll be accepting requests on a first come, first serve basis. I'll keep updated via my signature with a log of what I've completed, as well as what I'm currently working on. All finished commissions will be posted on my FurAffinity page, which can be found here: Userpage of catperson -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    That's also a great place to see my current art style (as well as what it has developed from), though unless you have mature settings enabled you will only be able to see one of my drawings. Luckily though, that's probably the best drawing I've put out so far. Contrary to what you might think, my avatar was actually not my own work, it was drawn by the amazing SleepingBlueWolf long ago. I'll probably re-draw my fursona sometime.

    Don't worry if you're not in the first few responses. As long as I have a pen in my hand, this thread will remain valid, and I will keep working through it (albeit slowly, especially if I ever get good enough to charge for commissions; that's a long way off).

    Though I will draw whatever you tell me to draw, you would probably be happier if your commission comes out closer to what you were envisioning. So make sure to make your request as detailed as you possibly can. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when telling me what you want me to draw:

    Background/Landscape: Fairly self-explanatory. What do you want the backdrop to be. Do you just want a solid color? Do you want a hill on the right, or on the left? Do you want Starry Night 2.0?

    A physical description of your character(s): This is probably the most important part. Tell me exactly what your character(s) look like in as much detail as you can muster. Body color, eye color, horn length, wing type, height, everything you can tell me is important.

    Positioning: How you want the character(s), if any, to be in the scene (what they're doing, where they are in the picture, where their limbs are, whether you want them standing/sitting/leaning/doing a handstand/etc).

    Clothing: Assuming there is at least one character in your request, what do you want them to be wearing. I already gave my warning about sucking at diapers (though I will give it my best shot upon request), I can't confirm or deny my skill at drawing other articles of clothing.

    Facial Expressions: What do you want your character(s), if any, to look like they're feeling at that particular moment?

    Anything else that you think would help: Remember, be as descriptive as you possibly can.

    I can do multiple versions of your drawing, so long as I can do so without much effort (for instance, with my last drawing I made versions with and without a diaper).

    So give me some good stuff to draw guys!
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    That's awesome that you're doing this Catperson

    Alot of people will probably take up your offer

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    Great, put my name down

    I'm doing free art too if you'd like something in return here: Free Commissions from me!!! -- Scar-Tiger's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    OK, can I ask for my Diaperfur fursona
    Ref sheet:My First Ref Sheet!! by Scar-Tiger -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    Name: Skar
    Age: 14
    Species: Bengal Tiger
    Wears diapers, uses pacifiers, loves plushies!
    Eye colour: brown
    Fur colour: tango/orange with around 25 black stripes and White around his tummy
    Markings: black stripes
    Height: about 1.7m

    All prepositions in my description are as if you were looking at the artwork so it would be your left or right. I am central in the piece.

    It's night and it's my bedtime
    If I could have a for a background, possibly a nursery? If you could make the background darker than me then I'd be thankful! If I could have a crib to the left of the piece. You don't have to be really detailed, just make sure it looks like a crib. A window above the crib, just a standard window. On the right, can I have a changing table? Just a wooden office desk that's been modified and has a cushion matress over it. Could there be a baby bottle on the changing table? I'd be really grateful!

    And if you're not too good at drawing diapers, don't worry, I'll just wear a green footed sleeper with an insignia of Simba on it like this:
    if that could be on the top of my right leg above my quadroceps. So it would be the same level as the top of my diaper would be. And I want a green paci in my mouth.

    Actions/facial expression I want to be looking forward with a really tired look on my face. This is my bedtime and I'm really tired by now! Maybe I could be yawning. I want to be holding a Tiger plushie that looks like this:
    I know he looks a little old but he's from the days when there was only 151 Pokémon!! If the plushie could be slightly anthropomorphic like in the image. I'd love it! Could you maybe make my crotch area a little bulgy to show I am wearing a diaper?

    Overall, I just want to be standing there with my Tiger plushie in a nursery looking tired to sum it up in one sentence.

    If you can do multiple versions, can you have them as I described but one with a blue sleeper and blue paci but with the same insignia if it wouldn't be much trouble.
    Please get back to me if you have any questions!

    Thank you sooooo much!
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    Hehe. It looks like the poll is not in my favor on the other post. xD I think it's awesome how people are nice enough to take time enough to commission art, and for free as well!

    Background/Landscape: Uh, nothing too hard I guess. Marc likes to sit in the park, so maybe some sort of grassy area.

    A physical description of your character(s): My fursona's name is Marc. He is a fox with icy blue eyes that have flecks of hazel in them. His hair is short and spiky on top with slightly longer, straight bangs and is a faded red/orange color. His fur is mostly a very light gray, except around the tummy area where it darkens a tad. He also has two red tufts of fur on his cheeks that make him look like he's blushing. He stands at around five feet tall*, and his tail is around half of his height. The point of his tail is really bushy and matches the color of the spots on his cheek.

    *changed from two. I used two for the other post, not sure why. He is five feet tall. :3

    Positioning/Facial Expression: Marc likes to sit in the park and let the birds land on his muzzle. He sticks his legs out, slightly bent, and leans back on his paws, smiling at them.

    Clothing: Marc wears a baggy lime-green t-shirt and black, square glasses. A lot of times he goes out with no pants, just a blank diaper, but in a pinch he has a pair of blue jeans that are slightly ripped at the knee caps.

    Anything else that you think would help: Hmm. I can't think of anything else! Just, thanks a ton!

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    I'd like one free drawing please!
    Background/Landscape: How about a nursery? with a crib off to the right, it's the middle of the afternoon.
    A physical description of your character: The name of my diaperfur fursona is Jacob, he is 18 years old, he's a chipmunk with brown eyes. His hair is brown and shaggy on top. His fur is also brown, except for in the belly area, where it is tan. He stands at 6 foot 7 inches tall. His tail is slightly smaller than his height and it's bushy, it also matches his belly area.
    Positioning/Facial expression: Can you have Jacob sitting in the center of the picture sitting with some dog plushies around him? (His limbs are at his legs) If so, I'd like for him to be smiling at the plushies around him? I'd also like for him to have a paci around his right arm, please.
    Clothing: I'd like for him to be wearing a Green T-shirt and a blank diaper, please.
    Anything else: Gee, I can't think of anything else. Thanks!
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    Hey all, thanks for the support! And thanks Okamiyasha for the publicity and the favorite on FA, I noticed

    I've started working on Anaknfurlover's drawing, but it's slow because something seems to be wrong with my straight line tool. Whenever I use it I get 85 of the same line all over the page, in places the cursor hadn't even been to. So I have to make lines as straight as I can by hand.

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    I'll certainly take you up on this offer!

    Background/Landscape: I'll keep it simple. I'd enjoy just a solid maroon.

    A physical description of your character: Alright. My fursona's name is Skrif. He's a black and white alaskan malamute, 6 feet 2 inches tall and very skinny. Note that I'm an alaskan malamute, NOT a husky (sorry, one of my pet peeves) here's a comparison of their heads: The Malamute and the Siberian - Minnesota Malamute Club mainly notice how malamutes have smaller, rounded-tip ears that are more off to the side of the head. He has hair that comes from inbetween his ears and hangs down to his eye-level, but doesn't cover his eyes. The base of the hair is black, then turns to white, then the tips are a dark red color. His eyes are a plain brown with a patch of black fur around the eye. He has the token curly tail that is common with huskies and malamutes. He has digitigrade feet, but if that's too complex you can draw him plantigrade. Here's a quick drawing of his head that I've done:

    Positioning: I'd like if you could draw him like he's leaning up against a wall, arms folded across his chest, one foot on the wall itself and one on the ground. He's not facing the veiwer, put his eyes are glancing towards them.

    Facial Expression: Warm, caring, a small yet happy smile. Like he just saw somebody he cares deeply for.

    Clothing: a brown, well-fitting T-shirt and a pair of black jeans with a black leather belt. He's wearing a leather wrist strap and some small leather bracelets on his right wrist. He's got a black nylon collar on with a silver dog tag shaped like a dog bone. No shoes.

    Anything else: nope. Feel free to message me at any time if you have questions. I know the markings can be difficult :P

    Thanks so much for doing this! You're artwork is quite impressive, I can't wait to see mine completed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catperson View Post
    And thanks Okamiyasha for the publicity and the favorite on FA, I noticed
    That's fine Hope all your art goes well! Looks like you'll be a bit busy for a while now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catperson View Post
    Hey all, thanks for the support! And thanks Okamiyasha for the publicity and the favorite on FA, I noticed

    I've started working on Anaknfurlover's drawing, but it's slow because something seems to be wrong with my straight line tool. Whenever I use it I get 85 of the same line all over the page, in places the cursor hadn't even been to. So I have to make lines as straight as I can by hand.
    Thank you sooooooooooo much!, I'm gonna do my FA thing here for when I want to be nice *takes my pacifier out of my mouth and gives it to you* because I apparently have an unlimited number to give away!

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    ohhhhh... me, please? I always miss out on free stuff like this. I could use something to cheer me up a bit. No rush... I will try to be patient! Thank you in advance!

    Background/Landscape: a night sky (other stuff if you want to... I dunno what)

    A physical description of your character(s): Shippo is a little gray fox girl. About three years old or so. Not potty trained, still in diapers. Left eye is green. Right eye is blue. Black tip & stripe on her fluffy tail. Any long, cute hairstyle.

    Positioning: standing

    Clothing: Purple corduroy skirtalls with a little pawprint emblem. A pink, short sleeve shirt underneath. collar with a tag (any color for both the collar and tag).

    Facial Expressions: scared, hugging/holding a plushie (if it's not too much. maybe a bear, red fox, or a cat)

    Anything else that you think would help: This picture can work as a sort of reference, especially for correct fur/eye/hair colors (though the collar can be different, I think I would prefer a different color collar)

    just being cute by ShippoFox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    These may also help a bit

    Splashy by ShippoFox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    Iron Artist #24 - shippofox by TailBiter -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    Shippo -PWYWCommission by tadcooga -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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