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Thread: uhhh...*pushes buttons randomly?*

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    Default uhhh...*pushes buttons randomly?*

    so Hey, the people on the adisc thing told me to introduce myself...and I guess thats what im doing, I know quite a bit of people here, havent set up my gear and profile yet, but hey~! whats up, my names ashurah, im a snow leopard as a babyfur, im a ab,dl I love all things cubby, people and personality wise included, im new to this site, but I have other websites im registered as well, kinda looking for friends, that special someone, someone to cub out with, pretty much anything at this point, I live in the bay area of california so its downright impossible to find people at this point, and darn fustrating as well >.< I do want to make friends, and really wants to talk to some new people,

    I enjoy raving, dubstep, all that ravey stuff, shiny things, plushies, diapers all that good stuff, and treading to learn of ohter new stuff, I am quiet sensitive but im always supportive and open mided enough to tread some new ground~!

    what up~! *paws up the air* yeah~!

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    Welcome ashurah ^^ glad to see you on ADISC aswell!

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    why hello there softpaw~ its nice to meet you *bows*

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    Hallo *waves his paw* o-o

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