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    Unhappy Conversation with friend

    So, today during school (just setting the scene) I was at lunch, sitting with friend A, whom I have known since the beginning of schooling years (pre-K) and he was working on a packet for the book "Grendel". He eventually came to a question that talked about the author "Anthromorphised" or something like that, the main charachter, a monster/creature that the ledgendary Beowulf slays, so I strike up a conversation.
    Me:yeah that means, sorts like animalistic but humanoid, with animalistic traits, sorta.. ( there was additional conv, not direct quote.
    A: oh yeah that reminds me one time I was chatting with friend B and he said something about Anthro, something, I don't remember... (friend a is nor super Internet savvy with stuff like furries, while b is very savvy and knows a lot)
    Me: orly? What did he say? (other interested questions)
    Him: I dunno we were just joking not rally talking about it just saying the word and joking around. (aka your mom is ___ your face is ____ stuff)
    Me: oh, I guess I'll ask him next period.
    And I did. Keep in mind, B is a Catholic, Conservative, Republican, and is as easily convinced of something as a mailbox could be convinced to hop jump and skip to the post office to get your letters... We don't talk much about religion or politics we just chill and laugh, ex: it's a trap, do a barrel roll etc. Just for a reference point his comment on RENT (the show) was : "Hey were a bunch of Homosexual addicts with aids! Let's sing about it.
    I was appauled... But life goes on,
    To continue, I start to ask and he says something like
    Furries are those ppl with a fetish for dressing up in fur and well you know...
    I responded with
    "um, not all I don't think are all strictly like that all the time.."
    Many class texts later...
    B: why are you defending furries? Is you or your family furries?
    Me: uhh, no? How wiered would that be..
    B: I dunno are they rich those suits cost like moe than 1k sometimes,,,
    Me: yeah it's crazy expensive...
    B: and if, you were a furry, it's like a serious mental problem.
    Me: .. Heh, d-don't worry nah....
    B: ok, why asking so much?
    Me: I dunno just wondering how it came up with friend a..
    B: don't remember.
    *bell rings*
    He also mentioned in the heat of discussion that it's just not normal, like bondage or S&M, it's just not right, normal... Again I was takenaback...
    We also discusssed anthrocon and how huge it is, also he said like he researched it and stuff..
    I probably, won't, I won't, Ever bring it up as to not arise suspicion...
    I also could NEVER think of what he'd say to my TB/DL side...
    My question(s) to you:
    Any similar expiriences?
    Ever talk to someone at all?
    This confrontaion disturbed me greatly, any thoughts?
    Any words or thoughts that might help my troubled and confused mind at the moment would wb greatly, greatly apppreciated...

    Feel free to add anything else...
    ( for reference, I am a tb/dl/furry. (not much of a tb, longtime dl.))
    Also sorry for the super long post.

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    Well I'm sorry to hear he feels that way about furries. Different people like it for different reasons, and my reason may not and probably will not be the exact same reason as you liking that. Just yesterday, I had a friend from school seeing pictures on my PSP. I have it all in alphabetical order since theirs so many pictures. Anyway, he came across a folder saying "Furry" He looked at me and asked why do you have a furry folder? I told him I was a furry (didn't specify which kind of anything) and like to keep cute pictures of them. He then asked me if I was a fag. "Wow" I thought to myself. For one thing, how did he know what one was, and two, what made him jump to that conclusion with that evidence alone so I asked him. He told me that he knows a few furries and they're all gay or bi. I explained to him that not all furries are gay or bi, and to jump to that conclusion was wrong. He talked about how its nothing more than a fetish, so I sat down for 20 minutes and explained to him how its not only a fetish, and how some people aren't into it at all for that reason. Me for one. After the talk, he said he was sorry, and well that was that. I think that if someone knows about furries already, it isn't a bad idea to fill them in with more information. I think they just need to know that its not all sexual or weird. This educates people on it, so if the next furry comes along, that person would be more knowledgeable towards it. It wouldn't hurt to straighten someone out on it if they already know about it, but have the wrong idea, though in the end, some people will believe what they want to believe and you just can't change that. I would at least give it a try though.


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    Thanks christhefur, I am afraid though if I attemt to discuss this again things would become super awkward and, as I said he's extremely ridgid in his ways, as easy to convince or educate otherwise as a inanimate object... Bleh. X p

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    XD Yeah some people are more open minded/understanding than others. Maybe his views and opinions on furries will change one day ^^

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