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    has anyone ever feed you a bottle :3

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    my mummy makes my bottles and feeds them to me, I have had my mummy's mum (nanny) make my bottle and feed me on her lap. I do find that my NUK bottles are better when i'm holding them as others hold them to high, to low which makes feeding hard. The NUK bottle have a large neck which I find presses on my lips for a better feeling when feeding. I limited to four bottles aday, I want more but mummy say's no.

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    I have tried it with a friend. It was a great experience for me both ways.

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    When my oldest nephew was a baby my dad took his bottle and fed me it in front of hundreds at church!!! But now I make my own and feed my self yes I know kinda pointless but I still find it enjoyable

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    No =(

    But I like bottles and I am cool with feeding myself. But it would be nice if someone else did, I'm sure.

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    yes my ex did it a couple times.
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    I love bottles but get tired of holding them up, once a guy fed me and although it was a bit awkward we both liked it even though he wasn't really an AB , I'm curious I have a nuk adult teat it's nice but I fancy a proper baby style teat does any bobby know what the largest style/brand you can get?

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    I like to fill my bottle with cranberry juice and lil bit of vodka

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    Yes Indeed my wife has fed me my bottle in the past when we were experimenting. I wish she still would but hey I'm not gonna force the issue.

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