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    As some of you know I got my CDL licence and am looking for a job in that field. I have 4 different applications turned in to 4 different companies. Why is it taking a long time to call me about the applications? The ads are posted in the newspaper. If they needed drivers SO BADLY you would think that they would call right away.

    Would it be better if I called them about the status of the application?

    I have the applications in for about a week now.
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    Unfortnatly most of the companies want people with three to five years proven driving experence.
    That being said don't give up. Four applications may not be enough. Apply to every company out there. If you find a position you can always turn the others down
    Good luck and keep the shinny side up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkmon View Post
    Would it be better if I called them about the status of the application?
    you can call them (it'd at least show that you are willing).
    unfortunately, once your application's sent, it's largely out of your hands and the best thing you can do is to relax.
    some companies respond to applicants and some don't, and there are a number issues which can affect the time they take to contact you, if you've been successful. i've had a few jobs where it's become apparent that another applicant had got the job before me, but they didn't work out; so, sometimes you can wait months before you get a call.
    other places go through a complex vetting procedure of interviews and tests and that all takes time. and despite a demand for references mostly being an idle threat, of sorts, some places even follow up on them and interview your referees!

    generally speaking, though, the bigger the company, the greater the bureaucracy and the longer the process.

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