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Thread: Anyone notice this with plastic back diaper

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    Default Anyone notice this with plastic back diaper

    Anyone notice all the plastic back diapers are the less absorbency once but all high absorbency is clothes back diapers now.
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    Yeah it's really sad actually. I don't use the internet to buy diapers so the only real plastic backed ones I use are depends. I know they are not the best but I am always worried they will leak (especially when I sit down in them) unless I double up.

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    I often wondered the same thing you would think thaT the plastic backed diapers would hold up better. I really don't understand why all them are going to a cloth like outer cover only thing that the cloth like outer is good for is less noisy but they do tend to leak when put under Croce life people. The plastic outer diapers I have noticed are becoming harder to find unless you really look for them. And I wish they would make. Plastic outer diaper with extra side protection for side sleepers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poohbearboy View Post
    Anyone notice all the plastic back diapers are the less absorbency once but all high absorbency is clothes back diapers now.
    Can't tell if being sarcastic or I misread what he was saying >.>

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    I may have to switch cloth back diapers because the need for IC but suck with the cloth back feel.

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    I think the reason that plastic-backed diapers are worse is simply because companies focus on cloth-backed products these days. As they design their products for the incontinent, not people who like diapers, cloth-backed products will be better for the customer and for their profit margins.

    I'm amazed that depends still make plastic-backed products, though I'm not wholly surprised, having heard about how poor their products are in general. Overall, companies are moving towards cloth-backed products (most already have), and they only way you're going to get decent plastic-backed diapers is by buying diapers targeted at the AB/DL market (i.e. bambinos and similar)

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    I don't know about you, but if I was incontinent (and not AB or DL), I wouldn't want plastic diapers. It makes sense the big companies want to produce quieter products.

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    I still prefer plastic backed diapers for several reasons, crinkly noise, tapes stick better, diaper back don't sweat pee.
    I just bought today 2 packs of Molicare Super Plus, the purple ones,,wetted them twice and was verry surprised how good they are.
    Not as bulky as an M4 but they can take a serious amount of liquids.
    But they aren't as noisy as a M4,
    And the purple thing, well I get used to that.

    Luckily I have a huge stock of plastic M2 and M3 of approx. 400 pcs in total. That will see me through some rough times.

    The people in the store see also alot of incontinent people asking for plastic backed ones. Even the nurses in hospitals like them more, for the reasons I mentioned earlier. Better a diaper change more often than a complete change of bed linnen.

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    It could be they are adding less padding on plastic back diapers to make the cloth diapers look better to premote cloth back diapers. Which I think is Bull.

    IF anyone has the older Cloth back diapers and older Plastic back diapers you find the Cloth back diapers are still cheaply made and the Plastic back are Thicker then today plastic back diapers and Asorb better.

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