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Thread: The Canadian Federal Elections!

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    Default The Canadian Federal Elections!

    Hey all just wondering but did every Canadian of a voting age manage to get off their duffs to go out and vote today?

    The Polls closed 10 minutes ago, I'm hoping Harper's out but those are my opinions on the matter.

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    I did, and I think the Green Party might do very well here in my riding.....

    Edit: God damn conservatives are leading here again, this city is stupid.....

    *hopes the lead is short lived*

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    I, for one, welcome our new Conservative overlords.

    Anyways, they made gains in every region except Quebec, which is rather good but still not enough for a majority. However, with the Bloc as it is, I don't expect a majority for quite some time. Still, if Harper does a great job over the next few years, perhaps an incremental march to majority is possible. Certainly, it cannot be ruled out, but having to deal with an economic crisis (even if Canada has the best positioned economy in the world in that respect) only makes this a smaller likelihood. Either way, the people have spoken (even if it is the worst voter turnout in history, being under 60%), and they have said "conservative" with - lets say - a minority 'c'.

    And as for all the people hoping Harper would be out... Well, I told you so! :p

    However, the real story here is not the Conservative win, but the humiliating Liberal loss. They dropped over 20 seats! Dion is gone for sure. How embarrassing. Moreover, because the Liberals rely on large corporate donations, and Harper changed election laws to favour grassroots parties like the Conservatives, it will be quite some time before the Liberals will regain their former glory. They will have to resolve the irony of their populist appeal yet special interest financing before that happens. I expect to see this self-defeat reflected in a willingness to support Conservative policy for the sake of avoiding another election any time soon.

    That being said, I also hope for a Conservative compromise on the environment, child care and provincial funding. To extend the olive branch as it were, and create a cohesive government. I think it's very possible, because these days there is no way any party would demand policy that could damage the economy, so the opposition will propose ideas more palatable to Conservative tastes and, evidently, those of the nation. I also think it's very important that Harper grow the Conservative brand to encompass more than just himself. This would help unify government by making it more distributed even within the Conservative party, which in turn will allow greater dialogue with other parties. I'm confident this government will last longer than the last one, and there is more than a small chance of it making a full term if Harper is willing to bend.
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    I voted. I'm surprised the Green Party didn't get a single seat. Canada's system annoys me sometimes. The Green Party had about 6.79% of the overall votes and got no seats, whereas the Bloc Québécois had about 9.99% of the overall votes and got 50 seats which is about 16% of the seats. If it was pure percentage based the Green Party would have got about 20 of the 308 seats, not none and the Bloc Québécois would have gotten about 31 seats, not 50.

    The Bloc Québécois only has about 3.2% more votes than the Green party, but yet they have about 16% of the seats with 9.99% of the votes and the green party has 0% of the seats with 6.79% of the votes. With 6.79% of the votes the Green Party should have some say in parliament instead of no say.
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    I voted, and the person I voted for won in his electoral district.

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    I voted. Disappointed the Tories won a stronger minority.

    But REALLY disappointed that the voter turnout was so low.

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    Patrick Brown of the Conservatives won by 27,000 ahead of the Liberals in votes in my riding, and as seeing so many Green Party signs in the city this year, I'm surprised that the Green Party vote count was so low, but then I heard that only 59% voted this year. But I was really, truly surprised that the Green Party didn't get a single seat.

    I'm really expecting an extremely bumpy Parliament Hill now. And after seeing the results, I think that $290 million dollars was a complete waste of taxpayers money just for the Conservative to win a few more seats and ridings.

    Well, like my history teacher always said to me, "Minority governments are the best scenario for Canada." And now I can see why.

    But for Canadians: If you don't vote, you can't complain. That's one of the basic rules.

    And Jabo, what you are thinking of is called Fair Vote (which I'm a part of, and I think for Canada's sake IMO, everyone should join), check out Fair Vote Canada. It awards seats to the parties based on the percentages of votes to that party. This first-past-the-post system we have here for votes is too ****ing retarded in my opinion. And this backs up your statements right here, Jabo Fair Vote Canada press release.

    This video should explain this system a lot more clearly...

    YouTube - Electoral Dysfunction - There Is A Cure
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    Can anyone tell me what was the point of the election? We ended up with a minority conservative government, just like before the election, except now Dion is on his way out. Really, this was a colossal waste of money and time. Harper even asked the Governor General if she would desolve parliment again for another election because he didn't get what he wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    Can anyone tell me what was the point of the election? We ended up with a minority conservative government, just like before the election, except now Dion is on his way out. Really, this was a colossal waste of money and time.
    For those who are liberal and conservative they see it as a loss. The liberals a major one for getting raped of seats, and the conservatives because they did not establish a majority.
    Though for the NDP and Bloc, the campaigns are both minor successes. The bloc proved that it still has swing and stance even without the separatist movement. Then the NDP hasn't had this many seats since the year I was born, and for me, both ridings in my city were picked up by the NDP giving two very deserving politicians the place I've hoped for.

    Harper even asked the Governor General if she would desolve parliment again for another election because he didn't get what he wanted.
    That would be political suicide o.o

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