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    Hey guys I know this has been discussed before and I've seen this thread

    But it seems like its a bit more severe since I've had it happen about 4 times in the last couple weeks ( and tons more in the past). Tonight I had about a 2 inch in diameter spot soak through my pants...

    Does anyone know if wearing diapers and wetting can weaken the urethrocavernosus reflex they talk about in that website? Is there anything to do other than wear guards?

    Thanks! and sorry for the repost-ish

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    I had a long read on the internet about this, I have this too, I leak after I pee as if I'm not actually empty. It always happens. sometimes even when I don't pee. Lots of people recommend male guards, one particular person said use a baby diaper, but tare off the rear wings (the ones that have tapes) and put them in your underwear (not boxers) like male guards. they offer amazing absorbency, you do NOT notice them at all when wearing pants, and are like at most 50 cents per diaper unlike male guards, which can cost more. I am trying it now, and they work amazingly well

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    The baby diaper idea is very interesting, may be worth a try. First of go see your doctor, that is the first port of call for any incontinence, no matter the degree. Quick question: is the leaking only happening after you urinate or is it happening all the time? If it only happens after you urinate then that is probably post micturition dribble.

    Now for products. You can try a simple incontinence pad but they generally aren't designed for men. The male guards from tena work well for smaller leaks and dribbles. If you need something more absorbent then the tena protective underware for men is discreet and great for spurts and leaks. I would reccommend these. Or tjen there's the depend real-fit for men, bit i'm not too familiar with that product. Anyway hope this helps

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    I agree about medical advice - not because wet spots are uncommon - but because changes in the way our bodies behave need checking out. I hope the problem is solved soon, but in case it isn't it might be worth considering the rectangular stick in pads that are quite thin and fasten in underwear. I found them to be discrete and very cost-efficient. This is a UK advert for the kind of thing I am thinking of: Euronlet Rectangular Pad 15x47cm 28 - Gompels Healthcare Ltd.

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    Hmm thanks for all the info everybody. Just to clarify it does only happen after i go to the bathroom not just at random times during the day. I was thinking of trying the baby diaper thing but I always wear boxers :P not many products designed for boxers im assuming.

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    any pads only work with underwear. you should buy mens underwear, than put a baby diaper in it, I'm telling you you can't tell what so ever that there is padding there! Even in super tight pants! Even if someone grabs your ass and thoroughly feels you up they won't be able to tell!. the baby diapers also work for normal slow wetting! and hold a very large amount! I'm super happy with using them, and they're super cheap! Please do try it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shifty View Post
    Just to clarify it does only happen after i go to the bathroom not just at random times during the day.
    'after-dribble'. it's common and due to various reasons, with the main and underlying one being a lack of muscle condition in the plumbing area.
    the 'various reasons' can include inflammation due to infection (anywhere in the pelvic girdle region), though this does count as a lack of conditioning of the relavent muscles.

    light protection or trainer pants should help deal with things until you have strengthened the muscles, which you can do by practising the stop-start method of urinating (as per the bedwetting 'cure'). some people also squeeze out the fluid remaining within the urethra by manipulating, or pressing up, in the area behind the testicles (the perineum).
    there's lots of info on the net about it (that's how common it is ).

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    I use Poise Hourglass maximum. They work real well in my underwear. They hold my dribbles squirts all day long.
    I like the way they fit between my legs. They will leak slightly if I give them a big charge when standing.

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    Another idea is to use the net boxer type pants with childrens nappies for low cost for dribbles i used this way till i plucked up courage to see incontinence nurse which was a breeze and now get pads free in uk yipee

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