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Thread: Increasing Frequency?

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    Default Increasing Frequency?

    Over the past few months I've seriously developed the AB side of me. It's taken a ton of courage and I've come to the conclusion that this is indeed a part of me and that it should be indulged in every now and then, which is all good.

    My girlfriend encouraged me to spend less time thinking about doing something and to just get out and do it to stop focussing so much on it. It's something i seriously appreciated. I've been gutsier, buying a paci and wearing in public for the first time a week ago (twice since).

    The big problem I'm finding is that now that I have the courage to do this (wearing in public, sleeping in diapers etc...) with more ease, I find myself wanting to do it much more often. It's only a problem if it starts to affect my life in a bad sense but I feel that it needs to stay in somewhat of a check. I'm almost at a point where I can barely sleep without a diaper on, even if I don't use them at night. It's somewhat worrying, but I'm hoping it'll taper off once the novelty starts running out.

    My question is when you first got into this whole AB/DL thing, did you have problems limiting yourself from doing it so much?

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    Butterfly Mage


    That's the one problem with the AB/DL phenomenon. It does requite some measure of self-discipline or else it spirals out of control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    That's the one problem with the AB/DL phenomenon. It does requite some measure of self-discipline or else it spirals out of control.
    that's the problem with every phenomenon! but why not let it spiral out of controll? it's called splerging, which isn't bad to do now an again. something like wareing a different type of underwear cannot affect ones life enough to worry about it spiralling out of controll.

    the novalty will wear off, and everything will go back in cheack, but why not endulge yourself now. don't try to controll something that you gain nothing form controlling.

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    it's a tricky balance, because although it's something you shouldn't repress or feel ashamed of in any way, it CAN take over and get in the way of other important parts of life if you don't keep it in control.

    i would say you shouldn't worry about it for the time being. if you're just discovering this part of yourself you should give yourself time to enjoy it -- that's the most important thing right now. maybe in a few weeks or months if you haven't started easing off naturally, if you find yourself needing to act more and more extreme in order to satisfy your AB urges, or if you find yourself consistently prioritizing diapers above other things you could be doing with your time, it might be worthwile to exercise a bit of self-discipline. just make sure you don't let it become the single all-important focus of your life -- everything you do requires balance and moderation.

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    Being a teenbaby, it's difficult for me to indulge in infantilism. I hardly ever have the opportunity to buy a pacifier or a pack of diapers. However, when I bought diapers for the first time, it was difficult to stop wearing them often. I wish I didn't use them as much as I did, otherwise I'd have some for when I really felt the urge. I also sleep with my blankie every night and have been since April. I don't know how I'd sleep if I didn't have my blankie with me, although I suspect it wouldn't be as easy.

    You need to restrain yourself. Although I'm sure the novelty of your new-found AB/DL side will eventually wear off, it would be very bad to become dependent on this. Just try really hard to resist the urge.

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    It's all about moderation.

    I certainly don't think this fetish should become an overly dominant thing in your life. I think once you prioritise and sort out where infantilism places on the list, you'll find it's a lot easier to give yourself a time frame of when to indulge and when to put it aside.

    My recommendation is to give it a break for a while every so often, because then when you go back to it, it'll be a lot more enjoyable. You don't want to become too attached to infantilism that it becomes more of a chore than anything.

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    I think a lot of people find out that once they do it a little, it becomes easier and they want to do it more. Hey, I'm a prime example!

    But seriously... as long as it makes you happy and doesn't start affecting your social or professional life, indulge away.

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    My intrest in diapers comes and go's, lately the diapers are out of my life, but they are as near as the shelf in the bathroom I keep them on.

    The one thing that is a constant for me is sleepers, I love sleeping in them, and that I won't change, the diapers come and go, but I think I will always love my sleepers

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    Yeah, I find it has a binge purge cycle. For example, when I was into it (back in America) I would go through spurts where I'd wear 3 or four a day. But then it'd cool down for awhile. It's important to not let it dominate your life though. If you feel unconfortable with your pace, just set rule and limits for your self. Stuff like 'No baby outfits' or 'Only two diapers a day' works well.

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    I definately am in a binge cycle right now too, it's kind of distracting because i spend a couple hours a day reading the message boards when I should be at the library. On the plus side my next test is pretty easy.

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