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Thread: Pumpkin carving =)

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    Default Pumpkin carving =)

    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone carved any pumpkins this fall. I went with my friends over the weekend and we got a bunch and spent the night carving them. Made me feel like a kid again =D

    Here is the end result of our carvings.

    Here is mine...

    Just thought I'd share

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    haven't yet, but we will this weekend probably :-)

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    Haha, actually my friend carved that for her puppy. lol She loves dogs. I have to tell her it looks very furry-ish, she will get a kick out of that. =) (she knows about my AB side)

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    Those look pretty sweet. I enjoy carving pumpkins every year, even at my age now. I don't know why, it's just a little fun. Unfortunately, all my artistic abilities are taken up by music and writing, so my pumpkins always end up looking horrid. Hopefully I can get to doing it in the next couple weeks.

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    I do too, I love digging out the pumpkin's BRAINSSSS!!!! Then inserting a candle. Then I carve it.

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    I like to do it, though have not yet this year. DF always sits back making fun that I am a messy big kid. (Rolling eyes) and he is the one that started the DL thing in this house.

    I am going to try and convence Jenn next door to make a few with me. I have one in mind that will have a passy. Then one that is eating a smaller one.... you know the ranger this goes.

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