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Thread: diaper-friendly clothes

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    Default diaper-friendly clothes

    I was just thinking about all the people talking about getting out and wearing in public and there really hasn't been a lot of discussion about what clothes work best for being padded outdoors. Thought I'd toss out a little starter.

    In the winter I'd changed from jeans to cargo pants, they fit looser and hid the padding a little better. Much more comfortable. But in the summer now I'd started wearing jean shorts and those were just too tight. I decided to try some cargo shorts, and really like them.

    The first few pair I got from walmart (wrangler brand iirc) fit well but were poor quality and didn't have elastic in the waist. I recently picked up some new Conventry cargo shorts from Sears and they fit a lot better. Generous elastic in the waist, and a choice between really light fabric or heavier fabric with lots of pockets.

    For the guys anyway, I'd strongly recommend trying cargo shorts. I'd never really given them a thought until recently, but I really like the fit. I suppose for the gals a skirt would be preferred though?

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    I generally wear loose clothes anyway. I got hooked on cargo pants and shorts in the late '90s/early 2000s when they were popular, and I never gave them up. I prefer the looser fit. I generally also wear looser t-shirts, and I never tuck in my shirt unless I'm dressing professionally (and even then I sometimes don't). I'm a big fan on Union Bay and similar stuff that's not super-loud or covered with print or logos. I'm also a big fan of technical outdoor clothing (Prana, The North Face). In short, I normally dress simply and comfortably.

    Those clothes work very well with diapers. Generally, I buy pants and shorts sized so that they can accommodate a diaper, but not be falling off, either. And yes, I do actually give consideration to whether a diaper would fit when I'm trying stuff on. Honestly, I feel like this is mandatory for anyone who wears diapers at all.

    I also recommend onesies. I have a few onesies that I will sometimes wear as my shirt for the day if I'm going out padded, and they work excellently. I have one that is a super-childish print, a SpongeBob onesie, and a couple others, and the only comments I've ever received were from people, usually attractive females that I think were trying to hit on me (oops for them, Lolz), telling me that my shirt was cute. And, a onesie keeps your diaper contained and in place. Basically, if it's something that could pass as a tucked-in t-shirt without saying Huggies or Baby or something less tasteful in text, it'll work just fine.
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    Most of my pants and jeans are loose-fitting anyway, I only have one pair of jeans that I've had to stop wearing. For suit and dress trousers I just go a size bigger than usual. I don't have any onesies but I do wear a long vest under my shirt which covers the top of the diaper. For casual wear, I wear a shirt untucked to hide any bulging at the back, and for work or more formal situations a jacket or blazer.

    I own a pair of cargo shorts but so far this summer it's never been warm enough to wear them.

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    People always say go for looser fitting clothes but I tried wearing with my tighter fitting jeans and found that with a tena slip maxi it was virtually unnoticeable that I was wearing, and on top I just had one of my normal t shirts on and a jacket and found that worked well and I didn't feel self conscious.

    I think the trick isn't nessesarily to wear looser fitting pants, unless you have a really thick diaper, your pants are going to conform to your body to some degree no matter what, the key (at least in my experience) is to wear looser shirts and jackets etc. something that will drop bellow the belt line a couple of inches.

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    ERMAHGERD. I love wearing cargos when padded :3 soooo much breathing space

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    Girls should definately be better off w/ thick sweatpants and avoid the risk of anybody getting an upskirt, intentionally or not

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    i've always found it tricky to choose a set of clothes that'll keep a diaper concealed in public. it's ok in the winter time, when i can tuck in an undershirt and wear a longer shirt over it. but i'm not the sort of person who would ever tuck a teeshirt into their pants in the summertime, and if i leave it untucked it tends to ride up over my pants when i lift my arms up or crouch down. there's pretty much no way for me to go out padded in public during hot weather.

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    I wear diapers under my normal clothes, under dresses and skirts, under my jeans, I will wear a bathing suit as a onesie to keep my diaper from showing. I do have some pants and shorts my diaper would not fit under. I have worn loose clothing anyway and some tight clothing I have, diapers fit under it. Some may not fit well under my clothes so the end up sticking out of my pants and the shirt won't keep it covered. I never really had a problem figuring out what to wear with my diapers since I have always had loose clothes and long shirts. Plus I don't let diaper lines or bulge bug me. I know most people don't pay any attention to that stuff. I have walked around with a big butt and only my husband and I knew what was under there, I am sure my parents knew too since they know what my butt looks like without diapers. I was double diapered then for the road trip because the diapers were cheap brand. I guess I am just lucky with what types of clothes I happen to wear so it makes my diaper wearing a lot easier and it doesn't give me much trouble. Plus I don't care for the bulge

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    I just wear what I would normally wear anywhere. Just jeans or shorts and a tshirt and/or a sweatshirt. In the summer, I usually wear shorts that hide the diapers really well! They're just normal volcom shorts too! I don't wear underware over my diapers because there's no reason to wear two pairs of underware!

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    baggy sweats, like your not even wearing...

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