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Thread: Marmite!

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    Footed P.J.

    Default Marmite!

    I have been hoping my great supermarket would stock vegemite in its foreign foods section for a while. Lo and behold, today I find tiny little jars of Marmite. Anybody like this stuff? I decided not to buy, because my bill was already quite expensive, but I was rather intrigued, and I know its a related foodstuff. Just maybe processed differently.

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    I really, really, REALLY hate that stuff....maybe I'm doing it wrong, but how do you people stand that stuff?

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    eww its uber salty i hate it! Don;t get unless you like REALLY salty taste in your mouth for a long time!

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    I need to look up what it is >.>

    Ok, I did it...Doesn't look like something I'd use

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    I used to work with a bunch of aussie transfer workers, they swore by that stuff. I tried it once on what they call a vegemite sandwich, it was just disgusting.

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    i don't mind it in little tiny spurts, but a whole bunch of it is just *yuck*... I like those snacky things from the UK called Twigs... Those are good, and I believe coated in that stuff...

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    Please keep in mind Vegemite and Marmite or two entirely different products.

    I love both, although I haven't had Marmite in a while. I personally like scooping the stuff out of a jar with a spoon and sucking on it like it's a lollipop.

    Aside from that, my personal favourite is having the stuff on toasted bread with butter. The trick to to spread it so lightly that you can see through it. Far too often I've seen people spread it thick, and unless you are accustomed to the taste of it, that's just asking for a bad dining experience.

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    Footed P.J.


    Yeah, Twiglets, I read about them. And a vegemite sandwich, I think that's usually bread, butter, and a thin layer of Vegemite, no? Sounds good, actually, as long as it doesn't get laid on too thick.

    Twiglets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I love wikipedia.

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    Marmite is made from yeast extract, a by-product of beer brewing. The British version of the product is a sticky, dark brown paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour, which is extremely salty and savoury with umami qualities, somewhat comparable to soya sauce. This distinctive taste is reflected in the British company's marketing slogan: "Love it or hate it." It is similar to the Australian Vegemite and Swiss Cenovis. Bovril is a similar-looking spread made from beef extract; it tastes completely different from Marmite.

    Vegemite is made from leftover brewers' yeast extract, a by-product of beer manufacturing, and various vegetable and spice additives. The taste may be described as salty, slightly bitter, and malty - somewhat similar to the taste of beef bouillon. The texture is smooth and sticky, much like peanut butter. It is not as intensely flavoured as Marmite and it is less sweet than the New Zealand version of Marmite.

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