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Thread: Would you ever "come out" on social media?

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    Cool Would you ever "come out" on social media?

    Just wondering if anybody has, or would, come out on social media like Facebook as an AB/DL? And I'm talking like "real" profile, not an alt diaper-only account.

    For me the answer right now is "no", but on more than a few occasions I've found myself visiting a page like Bambino Diapers' page and hovering over the "Like" button thinking "all it would take is one click...".

    Perhaps it's just an odd fantasy. In reality, I'd be too scared of the judgment I might get from some friends and family, and also a few coworkers I'm friends with on there. But probably the worst, I think my wife would kill me . Still though, I kind of wonder what it would be like to just have it out in the open like that, it sounds kind of liberating.

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    Hell no. I so want to enter the ABU contest on facebook to try and win free diapers but I have to like the page and no way am I doing that. Then my secret be out. I am not comfortable with my old school mates and my relatives knowing about me wearing diapers. Sure if I had a bladder problem and came out as having one, then I would maybe like the page and they would just think it was for my issue.

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    HAHA! You say that, but I have a friend that can simply not tell the difference between a place like this and Facebook. They are just completely open and shameless. It's also somebody who's parents are out of the picture. But still. She almost made me want to kick her from my friends list so as not to get her stuff in my feed.

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    I think that say "I like of wear diapers, and act like babies" today on public.. Must be like said "I am gay" in 1870.. Most of just people will just don't undertand.

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    Just imagining you hack the profile of somebody on facebook, and post picture of him wearing diapers, man you would ruined his life haha [Joke, don’t do this ever”

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    Quote Originally Posted by drwho View Post
    I think that say "I like of wear diapers, and act like babies" today on public.. Must be like said "I am gay" in 1870.. Most of just people will just don't undertand.
    Except that this will never be perceived as openly as a sexual orientation.

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    drwho, you pretty much nailed what I was thinking about... I have a number of friends on Facebook who happen to be gay, some of which I found out... well, through facebook. It's actually kind of amazing how much of a non-event it seems to be these days (which I think is great, by the way).

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    Well, I don't see this as a sexual orientation, but as a fetish, but anyway. I think on the future maybe this could be consider something "not so freak stuff".. I mean, I really don't like of this word "NEVER", they probably said in 1840 "Never a black man will be president of USA",

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    "Come Out" and said that "You like diapers" in Facebook would be a good social experiment, to see how much people are comprehensive about something haha

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    Nope! My real life and my AB/DL life will always be kept apart.

    It's like telling people a sexual fetish. I'm not gonna go around and tell people if i liked whips and chains and leather, so why would i tell anyone i'm an AB?

    Plus, it's weird! :P People would most likely be weirded out by it.

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    No. I wouldn't want to burden people with it.
    It's something people struggle to understand, and shoving it them in their faces would just alienate people. I'd say go ahead and tell your friends, by all means, but I can't blame people if they find you posting this in a public medium to be a little creepy.


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