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    Do you ever feel like your computer is part of you, and you are a part of it?
    Like I was REALLY upset and feeling insominatic.
    I attempted to get online and screw around, to burn the midnight oil. My computer had other plans. Some how, the drivers for my NIC decided to fail. Despite three restarts, and changing my booted OS. I said screw it, fix it in the morning. When I woke up, there is was chirping away on its own. Drivers worked fine, and it was already downloading my torrents from the night before.
    There have been other times where I will be sitting here typing something out, and a fan will squeal or my CPU will go nuts, and someone barges into my room.
    Other times my CPU will wake my up in the middle of the night, and I mean it wil crunch LOUD and the fans will gear up to the point they are rattling the case as almost to tell me something. Almost every time, it is something important. Usually having something to do with local news. I don't know if its just me or what. This week, since I have been angry at my mom it has not wanted to behave for her at all.
    When she gets on stuff like Myspace it encounters alot of CSS errors, flash apps failing, and the connection dropping. But, for me I get nothing of the sort. EVEN VISITING THE SAME PAGES!. WE both use the same profile on both OSes this box has.
    So...can you tell me why this is?

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    You are a character in an X-Files episode and haven't realized it yet.

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    Recently, last week. My main desktop stopped working as it was asking me to activate my copy of windows, but when i click yes activate now. It says "But its already activated!" which then it would log you out. It would appear the 30 day time bomb failed to de-activate. And I shit you not that I am using a LEGIT cd-key. Due to a many programs installed on it and everything. And not having all the original installer files simply due to lack of space. To make matter worse, I re-installed windows with the same disc on 3 other computers at the same time. So not only was my machine down, my spare machine was down also as well as my brothers.

    but long story Short. I fiddeled with it like god knows messing with the registry and copying all program files etc... to no avail. So I just re-installed windows and backed up certain files that I wanted. But man, using my laptop with linux on it for the past week had its tolls on me. All I did was MSN and web-browsing on it. I mean. I wanted to play CSS, TF2, Being able to shout 'n00b' to people down my mic (which isn't working at the mo).

    Anyway, once I got it all set-up I am so god damn happy to finally have good old XP with my good old mouse and keyboard. It just felt like I was at home again. You know how it feels when you being campin for a week. And been a little homesick.

    Anyway, ordered a 500GB HDD. So that should keep me sorted for about 2 years! Hoping that it won't fail that is.

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    Thats why you use illegal versions of windows, they probably work better than legal versions, I'm on legal XP myself.

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