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    Default Hello Everyone!

    So I stumbled across the community, I've been a longtime member of a different community site but they just seemed too sexual for my tastes.

    In that spirit I set out to find a community that was more about helping their members lives', as opposed to helping their members reach orgasm. . .

    I think I've found it here (been reading the forum for awhile) I just wanted to let everyone know a little about myself.

    I will recently be getting married and I've told my fiance about my DL side and she is totally supportive and has participated in some instances. Since the Olympics are approaching I added some of my favorite events in my hobbies category, Curling is especially my favorite!

    I also enjoy baseball (go Rangers!) as well as Yoga and jogging.

    So yeah, it's nice to find a community that has more priorities than some sexual release.

    In closing, I'm EXTREMELY happy to find a community like this!

    Can't wait to get rooted in here!


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    Quote Originally Posted by thepickler View Post
    In closing, I'm EXTREMELY happy to find a community like this!

    Same here. Congratulations on getting married and on being able to be open with her. Yoga is an interesting activity for a Texan. I guess you weren't a huge fan of Pina Colladas.

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