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Thread: How to get to the store?

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    Default How to get to the store?

    I will be home alone for the next few days (until friday), and thought I might take advantage of this down time, as being completely home alone is very rare for me. Anyways, my problem is how to get to the store? It is a couple miles away. I do have a license, and a car. However I have no insurance. I don't have anybody else who I could borrow a car from, either.

    I would walk, but walking 3-4 miles with a bag of diapers doesn't appeal to me. There also aren't any bike racks nearby. But I might be able to quick run in and out, and bike home.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I might try to order some samples, and hopefully have them arrive before friday.

    Also, my parents do not know, and I intend on keeping it that way.

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    Honestly I suggest you walk to the store, buy a prepaid debit card and buy some real diapers online and have them shipped to your house.

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    Bike to the store. You don't need a bike rack. Every bike comes with a stand, or just lean it on some pillar or traffic sign nearby and lock/chain it to that pole. Get the diapers, put them into a black bag (bring one from home), put it on the back of your bike and off you go. The 8 mile round trip on a bike shouldn't take more than an hour, plus it's nice exercise.


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