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Thread: Superpowers

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    Default Superpowers

    If you could have one super power what would it be. I think I would go with healing like Adam from Heroes or Wolverine because of their healing powers they can't age or die.

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    Teleporting myself anywhere I want at anytime for any reason...

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    Copied from the old "superpower" thread (it's locked, so yours is ok =D)

    For me, I would love to be able to control time...I would have so much fun freezing time and just like beating up people I hate, sleeping all I want, etc...I would want an easy way to do this though...Like just snapping my fingers or something while thinking about what I want to happen to time (stopping, faster forward, etc)...And it would have to be that like no one would notice anything weird happening to me if I went forward or backwards...

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    I figured someone had done this before but I wondered why I didn't see it anywhere

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    I wouldn't mind the power to give people explosive diarrhea, so if anyone cuts me off while driving...they wont be having a pleasant ride home!


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    Butterfly Mage


    I have to agree with the person who started this thread. If I could be granted one super power, I'd like the ability to cure diseases and heal injuries. It would be especially rewarding to use the power to cure children with terminal diseases.
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    I would want to be able to fly I guess, not sure what my speed cap would be however.

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