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Thread: Question For Second Life Furries

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    Default Question For Second Life Furries

    Hello Furries.

    I have a question for all furries that hangs around SL.
    I got money and I would like to buy a new furry Avatar.
    I've been told about some good shops like Luskwood, Aventity or Feral furries, but I'm not sure about them.

    Do you guys know any other shop or have suggestions?

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    depends on what you are. Since I am a foxbun, I went to Curious and bought the red colorful Kani avatar.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I got my "giant butterfly" avatar from Gredles' Children for a whopping five lindens

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    I'm searching for a Fox Male avatar, adult, colour dark blue or purple

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    I really dont know how to use second life. If I did I would probabally know.

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    when I'm on SL again, I'll give you a landmark of a great place to shop for furry av's, I can't remember the name, so I can't tell you now

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    Like FurryMUCK, or Tapestries, except more graphics, and more flying penises.

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    There's a Place called the "Kitsune Avatar Bazaar" in a sim called "Kitsune Valley".. a whole 3 story Building dedicated to Furry avatar vendors
    [Edit:] I sent You a landmark to the place :P
    [Edit:] The place is Gone :O Alynna must have Moved it

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    Thanks Bobcat, I got it ^^

    Anyway I've found an aventity one that fits good^^
    I will post a pic of it.

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