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    I Just ran out of my last shipment of Bambino I have to wait 2 whole days to receive my new shipment of Pampers Replicas called "Super Dry Kids" (with babyfresh scent added to each delicious one).
    If I don't have diapers for a longtime I start dreaming about them. These dreams I have been having for over 25 years...Ever since I started potty training I resisted it..I think I am very unique...I haven't heard much from Teen or pre-teen babies. I suppose its because this is somewhat a fetish and talking to really young folk about could land you in a mess of trouble. That said...have any of you Adult Babies been potty training resistors in your past lives?

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    When you were younger than you are now

    Quote Originally Posted by SoakedPampers View Post
    In my past life?

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    Oh haha i thought you believed in reincarnation or something and claimed to remember your potty training from past lives! I don't remember potty training at all so probly not but I'm not going to ask.

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    I never resisted potty training. I stopped on my own was why.

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