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Thread: Donating blood for the first time!

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    Default Donating blood for the first time!

    As the title says I will be donating blood on the 11th. I'm really nervous and would love to hear some of you tales regarding donation.

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    I haven't had any experience at donating blood myself, but I appreciate those who do it. It is very valuable for those who are in great need.

    Also, I've moved this thread to the Off-Topic forum and fixed a typo in the thread title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPurple View Post
    As the title says I will be donating blood on the 11th. I'm really nervous and would love to hear some of you tales regarding donation.
    Congrats! I used to donate every three months until I answered that question about being a man who's had sex with another man even once since 1977 honestly. Turns out answering Yes gets you a lifetime ban from donating blood. Doing drugs and sleeping with opposite-sex prostitutes will get you a year, and spending time in the middle of Africa where so many goofy and deadly diseases come from will get you something like 15 years, but being gay is a lifetime.

    Anyway, they're going to make you read some literature. You will have to read it every time you donate no matter what. Actually read it, too, because if they don't think you spent enough time with it, they'll send you back to read it again.

    After that, they'll do a screening questionnaire with you. Normally it's just a formality, but it will flat you if you've gone to certain countries of done certain activities.

    After that, it's donating time. They'll lay you down, get you looked up, and then let you go. Try not to move your arm a ton after they've set you up, or you'll feel the needle moving around. Squeeze the thing they give you with just your hand and not super hard to keep the blood moving. Normally it takes about 8-12 minutes to fill the bag.

    After you've donated, do not make sudden movements. Trust me, as the first time I donated, I sat up quickly and then promptly passed out. Spend at least 10 minutes at the juice and cookie table, since you won't be ready to drive or anything yet.

    Also, do not go on an empty stomach or after a hard workout. If you do, you greatly increase your chances of passing out or having some other adverse reaction. Also, don't go work out or anything afterward either. I went rock climbing one time within an hour of donating, and I got woozy a couple of times while doing it.

    All told, allow 45 minutes to an hour for the actual donation.

    And finally, relax. It doesn't hurt at all, so just take the time and remember that you're doing a very good thing. Good luck, and I'm sure it will go swimmingly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPurple View Post
    What typo? 0.o
    Oh, you missed the "t" on "first". No biggie, hehe.

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    I try to give blood every three months, but I'm sometimes a bit aneamic so I don't always get to!

    I've got O- blood, which only 7% of the population of the UK has, but it can be given to almost everyone, so I've been given a gold donation card, which means if I'm in a rush I can skip the queue because my bloods very valuable! Last time I bled a little bit at work (nasty ragged bit of skin I caught on something) we'd just been talking about our blood types, and I started shouting 'Ah quick, quick, scoop up the blood! It's too valuable to lose!'

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    Yay! Good for you!

    I wouldn't be too nervous, in my experience the people who work there are nice and friendly, and will help you feel at ease.

    First you'll have to fill out a questionnaire, which is simple enough.
    Then they'll take a little bit of blood of from one of your fingers, to see if you're anaemic. This is the cool part, in some places they test it by placing a drop of blood in a solution, and then they time to see how long it takes for your blood drop to sink. If it sinks quickly, you're good to go!
    Personally, I find this part the only painful bit, and when they they take that drop of blood it does sting a little.

    The actual blood donation is fine. You sit down, they put the needle in, and then you just wait. They'll give you advise on how to speed things up, like slowly clenching your hand into a fist. After that is biscuit time!

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    I managed to donate once and ever since then I have not been able to get my pulse low enough to donate again. I think if they checked it before the interogation it might be ok.

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    I donated blood my junior year of high school. It felt really rewarding and I got a shirt out of it. x3

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    YAY!!! you will save lives! Just be sure to drink plenty and eat before going to give blood... it will be easier on them and you and you will be less dizzy, you will be very dizzy if you don't though, so be sure to eat something before going, like 30 minutes before hand

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