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Thread: youtube channel for A/TB, DL lovers?

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    Question youtube channel for A/TB, DL lovers?

    well i was thinking i would start a channel on youtube that would have some videos (of course) but my ideas for the first would be like advice for TB's and an understanding video or 2... or 5 :P either way yeah i wanted to know if you guys think i should make it?

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    I'm gonna play devil's advocate here.

    If anyone wants to post a vid on Youtube they are free to do it right now. I think that by creating a channel, it ghettoizes everyone in one big spot (much like this website). Basically, by grouping all the videos under one channel it becomes easier for outsiders to point the finger. Especially if people are revealing their faces.

    Not that it's a bad idea. Just saying.

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    Go for it. As long as youtube don't ban you, it would be great to have one place to watch all our favorite stuff!

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    I dont suggest you do, because the Flaggots will find a reason to ban it, but lo and behold how abundant "lesbian kissing" videos are on there. There is this guy on there called DiapersFTMFW or something like that, he has made close to 30 different users for being banned and getting his videos flagged, and none of his videos show any nudity or sexual activity or penetration or anything that would be considered LEWD, all it shows is videos of fully clothed girls wearing diapers and possibly wetting them, which is no different than watching a stupid "home video" made by some dumb girls about wearing and wetting a diaper just for fucks.

    So i would say you can try, but good luck because youtube is full of assholes and haters who are ready to talk shit about things they dont understand.

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    I don't think it's a good idea. We already have understanding infiltilism from bittergrey's site. Plus Pamperchu and Reilly put out good videos.

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    I dont have much opinion on this. But if it gives us a way to explain ourselves to the people who sees a video if we explain. Or if it is a middle finger to society I'm down.

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    To be honest, I think it would be great. You could use it to clear misconceptions and whatnot. This could be good, I would totally watch.
    No matter what somebody will find something wrong with it, there really isn't a way to sidestep that. You can cut down on it by giving a mature content warning or something either in the first slide of the video or in the description. Of course that won't get rid of the problem totally. But, as mentioned before, I'd be careful about showing your face. What ever you decide, good luck!

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    That's great idea and maybe it make people know about AB/TB/DL and understand what is. As long as youtube didn't banned the channel

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    There's always people that will go against the idea or those who don't like the idea. I say screw them its a great idea and do it.

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