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    I am making a post for people to describe your exotic pets. Exotic pets are defined as pets OTHER THAN cats, and dogs. I do not like dogs too much cats are ok I guess. Everyone of my friends has a dog so I got a Tarantula (EEK The Spider) and a corn snake (Arbok) I had three empire scorpions (in the same tank) but they all died for unknown reasons.

    Here's the snake:

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    They glow in the dark under black light.

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    Snakes are awesome! A friend of mine has a Burmese python and a reticulated python, I've gotten to hold the Burmese a few times, it's totally docile. I've always wanted to get a pet snake, but none of my roommates so far can stand them. When I was a kid I had a forest chameleon and a couple iguanas, but unfortunately the iguanas didn't live long enough to grow to full size.

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    i love the fact that scorpions, etc are different colors under infrared light XD it's pretty cool how the visible spectrum changes like that.
    anyway, i live with my sister, who has two cute little flying rats... er, sugar gliders. they're very amusing when they're out and about; they'll crawl all over you and jump across the room to someone else

    possibly one of my all-time wants is a Fennec Fox... those little guys are off-the-charts ADORBS!

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    Well... I have 5 snapping turtles and an alligator snapper... And a musk turtle... And a yellow bellied turtle... And about 15 red eared sliders. I'm a turtle fanatic. :P

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    Well we could not have a dog or a cat. So I pick something that has no Fur. Yet barks. tokay gecko barks video - Bing Videos My pet was a Tokay gecko. They have Matting call video right here Tokay Gecko Information - Bing Videos They have the skill to climb up walls and glass.

    They tend to be the meanest lizard you can own. But they can be Tamed.

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    I have netherland dwarf rabbits. I had four at one point. Now three.

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    Rite now we go a squirrel and a baby raccoon. In the past I've had diamond back rattlers and we had a ring tailed lemur for a while

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    I want a snake, but unless I completely re-arrange my room, I don't have any space to have one.

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    I'd like to get a skunk. From what I understand they're super loyal yet highly territorial. In other words... a guard skunk. Don't think anyone would wanna mess with that. x3

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    Jellyfish...I love 'em! I collect moon jellies for now (only a beginner, I wanna collect 'em Pokemon) but they're just absolutely beautiful. And you can keep them on a desk. Takes up almost no space at all!

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